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[page 10] One week late last summer I attended a teachers' conference in Roanoke. Being within walking distance of down town @downtown@, I put my VW in the hotel garage and parted from Brünhilde for five days. Upon completion of the conference business, I packed up, paid the bill and prepared to depart. Brünhilde was parked at the door and given over to me (upon payment of a suitable tip) and I drove off. About a block from the hotel, I was annoyed by a slip of paper stuck under the windshield wiper, and, cursing hotel employees who don't remove parking tickets, I pulled over to the curb to rid myself of the paper before getting underway. It read: "HAIL, ELF FRIEND!" My "Frodo Lives" bumper sticker had paid off. Who my mysterious greeter may have been, I know not. A traveling man with a penchant for fantasy? A student employed in the hotel garage? Some guest unknown who belonged to N3F? A follow-teacher at the conference, whom I may even have engaged in conversation without realizing his hidden friendship with the elves? Whoever he was, and wherever he goes, I shall remember him. For I found a friend where least I expected to find one, and may the stars shine on the end of his road! BB