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[page 9] LARRY PASCHELKE 4107 N.E. 134th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97230 Thanks for your letter telling me about HOOM. I haven't really done any further work on the bibliography of tree-like beings since that mention of it you saw in ENTMOOT 3. I remember it was about 1962 that about over a year's time I really became conscious of the tremendous concept of intelligent life in the trees in a series of fantasy stories I was reading. I still remember the order in which I came across those stories: _The Woman of the Wood_ by A. Merritt, _The King and the Oak_ (poem) by Robert E.Howard, _The Man Whom the Trees Loved_ by Algernon Blackwood, and then after those stories I read _The Lord of the Rings_ and the effect of Tolkien's Ents was certainly great. Just this weekend I started an intriguing series of 5 novelettes by Brian Aldiss called the "Hothouse" series, which appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction back in 1961. It takes place in the distant future when the earth keeps the same side facing the sun and vegetation has taken over the planet. One gigantic banyon tree occupies an entire [Page 10] continent, with most life forms being plants with animal-like traits. Humans have been reduced to 1/5 our present size, and about the only other animals are some ants, termites and wasps. But the plants are the real feature of this series--there are mile-long vegetable "spiders" which have linked the earth and moon together in a gigantic system of webs, intelligent morel mushrooms, etc. This is certainly a great series.