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[page 17] Frodo's & Bilbo's Birthday Crossword Things, Relating to Them {Title Art: The title is handwritten in a stylized script, with extra empahsis on serifs. "Frodo's & Bilbo's Birthday Crossword" is inked in red; "Things, Relating to Them" is inked in green. Green embellishments of a vine and leaf pattern surround the title.} {Corssword: The top right quarter of the page is dominated by a crossword puzzle made of 16 rows and 17 columns. Squares that are not to be filled with words depict a sun, except for a 23 near the center of the puzzle, which are shaded in purple, and spell out "F-8."} <Handwritten in black ink, embellished, and circled.> ACROSS <End special text.> 1) Carried Frodo from Orodruin. 5) With whom Bilbo went There and Back. 10) ___ Hen. Boromir attacked Frodo here. 11) Frodo's aunt (father's side). 12) Bilbo and Frodo both used it. 14) Led Bilbo, Thorin & Co. to Mirkwood; Name in forgotten West of youth. 15) Bilbo's mother's family line. 16) When Bilbo 'disappered' he removed his feet from the table and stamped. 19) A singular piece of Bilbo's jewelry. 23) Wood where Bilbo, Thorin & Co. were enfouled by evil arachnids. 24) Saved Frodo's life in Moria. 25) ____ of Fire where Bilbo sang of Earendil when Frodo was at Imladris. 26) Bilbo's grandfather, a Baggins (initials). 29) Torech ______, where Frodo and Sam met Shelob. 31) Frodo was given a vial of divine light by the queen of this people. 32) He cursed Bilbo for taking the Arkenstone. 33) Initials of elvish words for Bilbo's mail. 35) Amon _____, in which Frodo burned the bauble. 36) Bilbo's favorite pass-time. 38) Bilbo's father laid down bottles of this, which Rory Brandybuck inherited at the disappearance of Bilbo. 39) Bilbo had one on the porch when Gandalf came by in _The Hobbit_. 40) Wherein Frodo saw 'dead faces'. 41) ____ Muil, where Frodo separated from the FotR. <Handwritten in black ink, embellished, and circled.> DOWN <End special text.> 1) Bilbo's goal was to pass him in age and he did. 2) 10th Thain and initials of Bilbo's great, great, great,great grandfather of mother's side (??!!). 3) Short name of Frodo's uncle (mother's side) who called to him for more wine at the Party. 4) Met Frodo at _The Prancing Pony_. 5) Frodo's father. 6) Book inwhich Bilbo & Frodo inscribed their tales. 7) At whose house Frodo recovered from the morgul wound. 8) He and his wife long desired Bag-end. 9) Initials of mother of Frodo & Bilbo's rivals, and Bilbo's aunt. 13) Initials of Frodo's great grandmother (father's side). 16) A companion of Thorin, Bilbo & Co., who came to Bilbo's door with four other dwarves. 17) Name for those who kidnapped Bilbo in the Misty Mountains. 18) Place where Bag-end was. 20) Where Bilbo went after leaving the Shire. 21) Because of Frodo he almost 'repented'. 22) Bilbo's hair on his heels was burned by him. 26) Bilbo's Party Tree. 27) A troll Bilbo 'met'. 28) At which Bilbo 'disappeared'. 30) The gardner family to Frodo and Bilbo 34) Named two of her children Frodo and Bilbo. 36) Failed to see Frodo soon enuf @enough@. 37) Uncle of one of Frodo's companions of TFotR and member of Thorin, Bilbo, & Co. {Image: Written in Green ink, the following message fills the bottom right corner of the page. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRODO & BILBO!! YOUR 30th FROM THE YEAR OF THE PUBLICATION OF THE FIRST PARTS OF YOUR STORY!" The message is embellished with decorative lines and stars which surround it.}