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[page 16] _BIBLIOGRAPHY OF TOLKIEN ARTICLES AND REFRENCES #2_ (I _know_ of many more things like 3 _Sat. Review_ things and the original Society ad and _Esquire's_ List of loo Best People but I just don't have the dates, like in _Nazg_. on many tings. Shorter this time) <Handwritten under "Shorter": (_MUCH_ MORE SO)> _The South Atlantic Quarterly_,Summer '59. _Thought_, Spring '63. _Glendale Independent_, Aug. 2, '67. _Critique_, III (Spring-Fall '59). _Esquire_, Sept. '67, p.89 & 99. _Insight_, Lindenhurst H.S., May '67. _Mentions on covers or intro_: _Broadcast_, Lindenhurst H.S., Sept. '66/Oct. '67. _Mistress of Mistresses_--Edison _P.E._ magazine, March 17, '67. _That Hideous Strength_-Lewis _Publisher's Weekly_, Mar. 14, '66/ May 9, '66. _Dune_-Herbert. _Publisher's Trade List Annuals_ _Conan_ series-Howard. _The Truth About Publisher's_ by Stanley Unwin _The Worm Ouroboros_-Eddison. _Time_, July 7. '67, p. 20-1/ July 21, '67, p.10 _Day of the Minotaur_-Swann. _Books In Print_ _Weirdstone of Brisingamen_-Sarner _S.F. Oracle_, June '67.p.33 _Slaves of Sleep_-L.Howard _Nation_, May 8, '67. _Reflections in a Crystal Wand_ (record Farina) _Los Angeles Times_, April 17, '67/ Sept. 10, '67 (Calendar)/ Sept. 19, '67/ Sept. 17, '67 (KHJ Contest) _Highland Park News-Herald_,September 14, '67. _Britannica Book of the Year 1967_, p.167. _Sunshine Superman_-(record) Donovan _The Matador_, San Gabriel H.S., Oct. 4, '67. _KRLA 21 Solid Rocks_ (Son of) record) _Los Angeles Free Press_, July 27, '67/ Sept. 15, '67/ Sept. 21, '67. _Horn Book Magazine_, Oct. '63 _Theses:_ _International Who's Whos_ Dick Tedhams (doctorol @doctoral@). _Who's Who_. Alex Levitin (doctorol @doctoral@). _National Review_, July 11, '67, p.756. R.J. Reilly (doctorol @doctoral@). _Temple City Times_, December 22, '67 Marjorie E. Wright (doctorol @doctoral@).