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[page 15] _THE FALL OF DURIV THE VI_ (to Clementine!) In a cavern, In the mountains, excavating for a mine, Dwelt a Dwarf-lord, mithril miner, mighty king, Durin Six. (CHORUS) Oh my great lord, oh my great lord, oh my great lord Durin Six, Thou art gone and lost to us now; weepful woe, our mighty king. Great he was and like the Fathers, And his axe did gleam and shine, Mighty fighter, gen'rous leader, Met his Doom inside the Mine. (CHORUS) Seek'd he always the pure silver, Deep he sought unto his Death, In the Darkness rose a Balrog, Fey and finly was its breath. (CHORUS) In its Shadow brave he stood there, Cried defiance, proud did sing, But alas! He fell in Darkness, so was lost our mighty king. (CHORUS)