[Letter from a woman sharing that people have been asking for maps of Middle-earth]

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[page 11] _TROLL STEW (one variation)_ 13 _Dwarves_ (Longbeard, _well_ done) One _Burrahobbit_ (quite stiff) Throw in pot and add _water_. Toss in a swig of _troll beer_. Sprinkle in some _minced mutton_. Throw in several _walking sticks, axes, hoods, wizards, and what- not_. Bring to quick boil over campfire. Deliscious @Delicious@, but the only time this recipe was tried the cooks turned to stone. Proceed with caution. Best in cool, dark place. (Reprinted with permission from _The Trollfell Troll's Gourmet Cookbook_).

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