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[page 1] <Handwritten: NO MORE, SORRY. > <Stylized text, reading 'nazguls'', runs on a downward slope, taking up the right half of the page opposite the first two paragraphs. An alchemical vial expelling five bubbles backgrounds the text, the middle bubble of which contributes to the stylized 'g.'> This is being sent to all subscribers to I PALANTIR and perhaps one or two other people who I think may be interested. It is mainly an extract from a Bruce Pelz letter, the reason I'm sending this out is because it @containes@ information on the Fellowship and after you've read it you may want to change, supplement or do something about your status with the Fellowship. Status with the Fellowship. Hmm doesn't sound right somehow, but never mind, read on and sort things out for yourselves. <Text in a similar style to the first image takes the left hand portion of the page opposite the following two paragraphs. The Text reads 'bane,' and is offset by non-Phoenician script in the negative space.> "We still have stacks of the first issue of I PALANTIR, and almost nothing in the way of material for the second issue, @unfortunatly@. So subscribers are very welcome to issue no. 1. We're trying to get the membership cards finished, and with any luck they'll be ready by February -- four-colour offset work by Jack Harness, once I prod him into putting the things on master. {the fifth and sixth paragraphs are offset by a third set of stylized text reading 'no·one.' To the right, above the text, sits a drawing of a vase or alembic.} The set-up for membership goes something like this: a lifetime membership in the Fellowship is available for the <text distorted for two words> (you) a membership card, and by itself amounts to only an "Associate", or Junior, membership. If the member does a research paper of some kind (Brian @Jordans@ language investigation is quite acceptable) for I PALANTIR, he also gets a certificate (which we haven't even got around to designing yet). This @Makes@ the full membership, no further membership fee or dues. [page 2] We haven't been advertising the membership fee bit very much, until we get the cards ready, but once we do, I'll let you know, and put a note in SKYRACK, FANAC and a few other zines. {Image: A crudely drawn rook begins the motif of three chess pieces. As the pieces are not colored, they appear to be whites. Four crenellations can be seen from the angle depicted. The rook resides to the left of the following text.} Subs to I PALANTIR, by the way, are @seperate@ from memberships. This @bussiness@ has been @hashed@ out at the Pittcon meeting, (where we collected quite a few memberships _and_ subs). And....." Well, the rest of the letter is not really of direct interest to IP subbers and would-be members. {Image: A crudely drawn king piece, topped with a cross, resides to the right of the following text} Well now do you see what I mean? When I took subs @offen@ you I was under the impression that the sub to I PALANTIR carried an automatic membership with it. I'm sorry if this upset any of you, and if you'll just let me know if you @wan't@ to change your IP subs to memberships I'll fix things up. BUT....if I don't hear from you by, say the 7th of February then I WILL ASSUME THAT THE MONEY I HAVE BELONGING TO YOU IS FOR SUBS TO IP, AND ONLY IP. {Image: A chess piece--the knight--with an 'x' where the eye should be occupies the left margin of the following text} Like, this was NAZGULS BANE no. 1. a sort of newsletter on behalf of The Fellowship of the Ring. From Ken Cheslin, 18, New Farm Road, Stourbridge, Worcs., British Agent for I PALANTIR, the Official Organ of the Fellowship. Dupered by CRINGEBINDER PUBLICATIONS. 4 Pablo, the Liberator.