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[page 21] HARK! Middle-Earth BUSINESS CARDS <colon made of two astrisks> {Bacover: The remainder of the bacover consists of eight buisness cards laid out in four rows over two columns. The cards will be described following a row:column format.} {1:1: ROHAN STABLES EDORAS The swiftest horses in Middle-earth Pellenor Derby; Winneral Riding Lessons · Custom saddlery Guided pack-trips to Druadan Forest; The Falls, Helm's Deep, COME TO THE YULE [unreadable]} {1:2: Umbar Travel Service DROMONDS·GALLEONS·BARGES·CRAFT SHIPS OF ALL SIZES AND COLORS grey boats of Lorien · flagships of Umbar SCENIC TOURS to: Gondor Wilderness · Lorien · Imladris Númenor · Pinnath Gelin · Lune SEE MIDDLE-EARTH FIRST!} {1:3: _The Prancing Pony_ BARLIMAN BUTTERBUR, prop. <Two embellishments that look like tildes.> THE FINEST INN IN THE WEST! Good ale · Good Food · Good Lodges <Embelishment>**<Embellishment> at teh Greenway and East Road Crossing at the *SIGN OF THE PRANCING PONY*} {1:4: <Four lines of Tengwar script are separated from a final two by a row of astrisks.>} {2:1: TOBALD FARMS SOUTHFARTHING PIPEWEED Growers <An embellishment framed by leaves> LONGBOTTOM LEAF · OLD TOBY *SOUTHERN STAR* OUR MOTTO IS: "PIPEWEED: PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT"} {2:2: Seven lines of text written in Cirith runes.} {2:3: SAMWISE GAMGEE SHIRE GARDENING SERVICE Personal Gardner to F. Baggins, esq. * * * EXPERT CARE GIVEN TO gardens · Orchards · Mushrooms <Embellishment> *** CALL AT BAGSHOT ROW #3 <Drawing of a leaf at the end of a vine>} {2:4: *THE MINAS TIRITH* _PAWN SHOP_ _annonymous_ Close-out Sale!!!!! NOW LIMITED ITEMS IN STOCK SO HURRY! A FEW OF OUR MANY ITEMS: OLD TREES (white & gold in stock): A BROKEN SWORD [The text now becomes unreadable]}