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[page 20] {Note on the Text: The entire page is written by hand. The text is colored as follows: lines 1-3, red; line 4, blue; lines 5-11, green; line 12, blue; lines 13-15, red; lines 16-17, purple.} "fnurl" at The Kazoo (and Happen with the Free Press) Middle Earth Maps Tolkien Posters Elvish-English Buttons Tolkien Books Magic Rings and 1,000 of BIG PEOPLE BOOKS {Image: A minimalist line drawing of a four-petaled flower appears to the left of the text. It is inked in purple.} The Free Press Bookstores **424 1/2 No. Fairfax, Los Angeles *1 E. Colorado, Pasadena *1059 Broxton, Westwood 10am 2am 7 DAYS A WEEK FRODO Loves {Image: An abstract outline of a tree appears between the words "FRODO Loves." The tree is surrounded by seven stars, drawn like astrisks. All are inked in purple.}