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[page 19] {Tengwar: A short passage in Tengwar script. Under the passage is a drawing of a leaf.} [You can use the Scriptures as some clues are trivia] {Puzzle: The upper right quarter of the page consists of a crossword puzzle. Spaces in which letters are not to be put are mostly marked by mushrooms. The only exceptions are spaces near the top of the puzzle that spell out the word "MY." The crossword puzzle is 18 squares across by 18 squares down.} <Handwritten as if the bottom of the page were the left margin.> Crossword #2 (Revised & corrected (for a change)-MASTER COM[the following text is unreadable]. <End handwriting.> {Tengwar: A message in Tengwar script runs down the page to the left of the crossword clues.} [<The word "down" written in Tengwar script.>] 1. Withywindle flows into it. 4. Last part of 2 or more rivers, one of which is in the Shire, the other in Rohan. 11. Many mouths 13. The Fallohides crossed some mountains and came down this river. 14. Eldacar slew Castamir at its crossings during a major battle of the Kin-strife. 15. On the way home from the War Gandalf told Barliman, "There is room enough for realms between the Isen and ___ "(elvish name). 16. Last river of Middle-earth Frodo saw. 17. The Swan____. Crossed on return trip from quest. 19. Gimli caused it to be spread in cold pools. 22. Gray Company passed over it. When they reached Calembel, upon its shores all, was deserted, just before the Dawnless Day. 23. A border of Rohan. 24. Brook flowing through Willowbottom. [<The word "across" written in Tengwar script.>] 1. Book I of _TLotR_ ended here. 2. Isildur fell here. 3. Maiden of same name. 5. Dervorin was the son of the lord of its vale. (1) 6. Kelos is a tributary. 7. This stream runs through the mill at Hobbiton. 8. Springs from the Mirrormere. 9. The Gate-stream. 10. Crossed by the Last Bridge. 12. Mysterious river feared by hobbits. 15. First majpr Third Age battle fought here. 16. Northern boundry of Rohan. 18. Flows by Pinnath Galin. 20. Cleansed by the Ents. 21. First part of river crossed at Linhir by the Shadow host. Means 'star' in the elven tongue. 25. Go ahead, try and find it.