Lugburz Uber Alles (the Mordorian National Anthem)

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[page 16] BILBO'S WALKING SONG {Image: A small drawing of three leaves on a branch appeaers to the right of the title.} ([unreadable], 62; III 329) by Melanie Weiss (74 [unreadable] AVE, LINDENHURST, NY.) LINDENHURST SMIAL {Image: The Tengwar equivalent of the Latin "n" apperas just above the first bar of music.} {Musical Notation: Fourteen bars of music accompany the following lyrics. Notes for singing should be read as treble cleff. F and C should be played as sharp, unless marked as natural. The song is in 4/4 time. Chords acompany the beginning of each bar.} The Road goes ever on Down from the door where it began. Far ahead the Road has gone. Let others follow it who can! Let us a journey new begin I at last with weary feet will turn to the the lighted inn, My evening rest and sleep to meet. (Hard to copy Hope its right)

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