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[page 7] HOBBIT HOUSE {Descritpion of Title Art: The words "HOBBIT HOUSE" are written in flowing red letters. The "H"s are embellished with decorative serifs. Each letter is shaded with blue, to suggest depth. The "T" in "Hobbit" is a drawing of a mushroom. To the right of the title is the tengwar character equivalent to the Latin "g."} {Note on the text: The following sections are handwritten: the first two lines in red ink, the second two in blue. After red and blue, the following six lines are writting in purple cursive. All remaining information is inked in red.} (Also called the "L and J Cafe" for-Food PREPARED with _L_ove and served with _J_oy-by Geneva Bayne) gifts ยท food to go (all six meals) homemade pies in the hobbit manner. "We have many Hobbits and characters out of the Third Age living out here in the High Desert. Also people who are able to see and talk to them. There are many groups of little people here. Looking forward to meeting some of you..." {Image: A deciduous tree is inked left of the previous text. Its bark is purple, leaves green.} Geneva Baynes with <leaf> Hobbit Service & Shire Courtesy <leaf> at The L & J Cafe-Hobbit House 5690 The Plaza Twenty-nine Palms,Calif. {Image: A line drawing of a humanoid figure stands to the right of the previous text. The identity of the figure is indeterminate as its head is covered by a mess of red lines.}