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[page 2] _Latest Shirefest held in (Glen's) Dale_ On Forelithe 22 I received an invitation (sealed with a 'G'-for Gandalf?- and written in Feanorian) to a smial party to be held (as mentioned on the Longbottom Leaf #6) by the Cal State smial at the borough of Glen Goodknight (Elrond). Eagerly I planned to go. Then it turned out that the Nazgul that was supposed to pick me up didn't fly by. Somehow I (and my brother- who thinks he is Thorin Stonehelm-and came complete with battle banner) managed to get out there in my wain tho @though@. The first sign of activity was a sign indicating Rivendell in three tongues. The door had a sign on it indi cating one should say 'friend' and enter (borrowed from the Hollin smiths and Khazad-dum). About fifteen hobbits and what-not were there and it was a most enjoyable (informal) [page 3] moot. A game of M-e Risk (purportedly) was going on in the corner. Aragorn, in black with a green semi-cape was there. Also Faramir in red (with a star on his forehead which caused quite a bit of controversy, but no one could prove or disprove that he wore one- at least at court. (Faramir was Terry McClanahan and Aragorn was Dale [unreadable]egler both of 25 Av[unreadable] LA.Late in the gathering an orc (Bill Hoggert [unreadable] 201 Mar[unreadable]one St. [unreadable] apt. 205) walked in. Dan Alderson, a member of TFotR and Westercon staffer led several discussion (mentioned later in here, he seems to have the character of Gandalf, but to my way of thinking, seems to be how I would picture Miles [unreadable]. He just _looks_ like the name in a manner of speaking). Various hobbits wore buttons (Come to M-e Gandalf for [unreadable] Gandalf Firelighting buttons, Support Your Local Hobbit, both Frodo Lives Elvish & English, JRR Tolkien is Hobbit forming, etc. Elrond's wife (Celebrian?!) graciously served hobbit teas and nuts and dips and various lembas throughout the moot. Elrond, puffing on his elvish inscribed pipe was referring frequently to his library (one of his book collections based on Lewis, Williams and JRRT, the triumvirate, won 1st place recently, in competition. We talked of the Elves and Hobbits, and Middle-earth for hours and then at mid-night we said "thag you very buch" and "goodknight" and flew off. lets @Let's@ [unreadable] have more (mushrooms were good)