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[page 1] _Hobbitdom by the Sea_ Organized Hobbitdom out here is still a out here is still a bit on the rough stages. Of course there _are_ some SF fandom groups that have been around quite a while...its not like hobbitism but there are many amongst the rents (evidenced by the Tolkien Room this westercon July 14 in [unreadable], and the fact that the first prize painting there two years ago was Khazed-dum. There is the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (Fred Bellunder I think, 1832 Lagawa Pacific Pallisetos) the Valley Science Fiction Assoication (Dwair Rainer will do... Ie 2nd Upland) and the best Coving Science Fantasy Society ... I guess Steve Fink 1835 Michelle <an arrow> West Coving) The major current Tolkien publications one should know of ares _Entmoot_ then it comes out, from Greg Ebey, 27075 McAllister San Francisco, _Niskas_ supposedly quarterly quite goof, people quite nice" write Felice Rolfe, 1566 Emerson, Palo Alto, California _I Palantir_ Ask about the FotR. The most important publication, though I find few fans get it in comparison to the number there are, is _The Tolkien Journal_ organ of the Tolkien Society of America 159, Karlborough Rd. [unreadable] The rats are on vacation now until Sept. 1. Large bottles of fans may also be found around the hippie hangouts ((_Reports_ magazine called "_LOTR_" the absolute favorite book of the "hippies". Every sort of .... particularly Cal Tech, Cal State, [From here the text deteriorates to the point that none is legible] [page 2] who has read Tolkien cannot resist talking to the person if someone makes a mention of him in passing. This same enthusiasm is generated in local smials. One person receives the combined enthusiasms of everyone. "Tuckborough" means crowded district, appropriately for the LA area. As of now there is a smial in La Crescenta (3250 Fairista, 9-B, 91214., Ahdi Alderson), one for Cal State (Glen Goodknight, 520 Lomita, #7, Gleandale, 91205), and we are forming one out in the Alhambra-Arcadia area. There are other underground groups no doubt that need discovery. There are _at_ _least_ 1,000 (and probably way more) hobbits out here. Lets have some more smials! If anyone wants to set one up write me as I can give you plenty of ideas. If you've already written write again for more. Personally I didn't want to and don't intend to set up one, but just sort of keep things connected. A pool for ideas, sending out a newsletter or holding a moot once or twice a year. I hope there will be plenty of Bn'F (no not BNF, Bilbo & Frodo) Birthday parties about Halimath 22 (Sept, 14). Things to do in the meantime to spread the Word: make sure libraries (school, city) and bookstores have The Books. If not, tell them to get them. If they do, put up posters. On the poem page at the front write in the society address (you don't _have_ to ask the librarians if you can- sorry about that Ragadales..). In The Writers Market and elsewhere you can find a list of many amatuer @amateur@ lit magazines. Tell them to review _TLotR_ or volunteer to do it yourself. Keep an eye out for Tolkien notes. If you find any hobbits I would really like to get their addresses. Keep an eye out for new Tolkien articles and mentions. Leave various appropriate graffiti....The purpose of the local smial is 'joy and fun thru @through@ hobbitry' Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo and may an elven-light shine on your path.... (<handwriting>I And planned to print a list of these hobbit sayings <end handwriting>)