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[page 4] From The King: Sorry, but for reasons beyond my control, I cannot give this as is was received. As soon as the membership is stabilized, I willestablish @will establish@ corps commands by area. First, I will sat @set@ up the areas and assign corps and members. Then, the members shallselect @shall select@ a commander, subject to my approval. Priority will be given to experienced wargamers though titles shall have some effect. There will be a division for non-wargamers. If gorwth continues like at the present, commanders shall be given legislative power. It seems that some members. Particularly the new ones are still confused over the status of the club and its history. Well, here it is..... Last Septembercharles welsh @September Charles Welsh@, taking the name of Gandalf, organized the Neo-Numenoreans, along withElrond @with Elrond@, Bob Funderburk. Both of them live in Virginia, (Annandale ane Springfield res- [page 5] (Letter from the King cont.) In short.... All new members in the Dearborn area, contact Dain (LO-11387) for information on wargaming. From now on, Mid,-earthean titles shall only be given out after spaceal consideration. In wargaming, we want to wind up the tournament with the army of California. Next, we take on the Red Lions.......... That's it...... sorry add these to the numbers Bill Oswald, Philip Helmn Clyde Leigh 916 N. "E" street Monmouth, Ill. 61462.....