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[page 4] [Page third] {Note on the text: The following text makes up the right-hand column of the page.} WEATHER REPORT This is the monthly weather report for spring up to Forlithe 5th. Ex-Elrond reported that spring rains had hit Virginia with the result of Warm Weather. 9(slimy, damp, chilly, ect. @etc.@) From Gondor, conflicting reports of sultry weather from Faramir to Coffer weather from √Čomer. (Coffer weather is the cool, pleasant clime in which Hobbits are known to abound. Grass grows and people are happy and quite a bit of it ($) winds up in the coffer, THUS: coffer weather) Up here, hobbits and Russ Gibb agree, it's geart weather for a Love-in,. (Russ is quite a unique guy who has Two alter egos. In the plain light of day, he is a teacher, but in the early morning hours he becomes the meanest, of rappingest, hoppingest, happiest, lovable radio announcer of WTAK. In this ego he is sunburned and plump around the middrif. Next comes the Late-At-Night-Russ, quite different from the "_G-I-D-E-_ and - no-S-if-you-please Russ of earlier. Now become "UNCLE RUSS" denizen of GranDa Ballroom where the hippies are. All taken, he's a normal red-blooded American.) Let's see.. uh.. oh yes.. Warm during the day. Pleasantly cool and fresh at night with the air well purged and a blue sky. In short.. O.K. And so.. combining Worm, coffer.. and o.k. weather.. we get . . . . . . WOFFEK WEATHER (?????) and that is the national weather scene.