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[page 3] FRODO LIVES!! No (NO KIDDING) Second {Image: Between the title and the edition number is a line drawing of a nine-petaled flower with the stem flowing off to the left.} GOAL OF THE CLUB EVerything @Everything@ needs a goal to work towards. I suppose we can do no better than to offer one, but in this case, what can we say? I suggest that it be to a delightful diversion for our members through writing (and recieving) letters from our fellow members. (these containing discussions on Tolkien, of course) The guide to all activities shall be your dear ble Mathom son, (but I wouldn't count on it.) When we become large enough, we may join the Tolkien Society of America, but that hurdle when (if) it comes *******WANTED******* Letters, articles, etc. for our paper. We intend to give present issues a treatment much like that of the Daily Paper. And, in the style of a fine satire, give the reader a humorous view. Start practicing your stamp licking Letters to H.T. 2724 Boldt. Dearborn, Mich. 48124. Future Articles.......... National Weather report. When your letters arrive, I hope to find included/a @included a@ report on weather which I shall lump together and print each issue. Letters to the Editor: obvious!! The General membership: new members ect... From The King: a Letter (brief, boy, Breif @Brief@! ((oog, I can't spel @spell@)) You've out done @outdone@ yourself Aragorn!) from the King on the club. DING And a personal section..... Also we hope to soon feature a searil <"BAd boy" is written above the text with an arrow pointing to "searil"> about the coming of Aravir the Red to middle Earth. Not to be out did, I, Hildifons Took (just call me troll Bane0) shall afterwards write "The Travels of Hildifons Took." _Personals***********_ Saradoo Brandybuck wishes all members who haven't replied to his letters to do so. !!!!GO ISREAL!!!!!!!!! {Image: A small symbol that looks like a cluster of three leaves.} WELOVEYOUDICKPUTAN!!!!!!! Buy BRANYWINE MUSHROOMS> Anyone who has a bell for sale contact H. Took....... Note In this issue are conflicting statements which are obviously to those with who they conflict. One of these is where the dues should go. Since they are to be used exclusively for the M.S., I say they should be sent to the editor. RIGHT!!????? any and all arguments: Sent arguments to Aragorn if you're sending dues to the editor----- send them to H. Took if yo u @you@ are arguing for sendin them to the King.