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[page 1] {Image: To the left of all text an image runs down the entirety of the page. From top to bottom, the image depicts: A sun setting over empty fields, a wall and row of trees separating the fields from a hobbit hole, a road that cuts out of the image abruptly after cutting under a bridge (yet both pathways must be roads, as the first leads to the hobbit hole, and a bridge wouldn't be part of a river), three mushrooms, and a cruedly drawn dragon of chinese body structure (long, no hind legs or wings, the dragon's most notable features are the spikes that crown its head and run down its spine), breathing equally crude flames. The dragon is labeled "Scatha the Worm." At the bottom of the page, cutting under the text is a dragon of much the same body structure, but drawn with more detail, including individual scales, plates, and teeth. This second dragon is also breathing fire, and is labled "Chrysophlox Dives."}