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[page 1] THE MATHOM SUN {Title Art: The words "MATHOM" and "SUN" are fit to fill a circle, set, in turn, within a pentagram. The result is a stylistic impression of a sun. The word "THE" sits just above and to the left of "MATHOM," outside the circle and on a diagonal.} Sept. 9, 1967 Vol. I No 15<cents symbol> (+ 5<cents> postage Serving for over _2_ months! THE MATHOM SUN A paper of the Neo-NĂºmenoreans by their own dues and members. Publ. by H.TOOK 2724 Boldt, Dearborn, Mich. 48124. Cost --- All Donations accepted! No scheduled edation date........ Reporters: Glorfindel, Gandalf, Elfhelm, Faramir, Saradoc B. etc.. SOUL EDITOR <an image of a hand pointing right> HILDIFONS TOOK