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[page 7] THE BRIDGE of KHAZAD-DÛM -SYNOPSIS- THE NINE WALKERS, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, HAS BEEN FORMED TO ACCOMPANY FRODO, THE RINGBEARER, ON HIS TRIP TO MORDOR AND MOUNT DOOM WHERE HE HOPES TO DESTROY THE ONE RING OF EVIL. HARASSED BY THE NINE BLACK RIDERS AND UNABLE TO GO OVER THE MISTY MOUNTAINS, THE FELLOWSHIP HAS BEEN FORCED TO JOURNEY THROUGH THE UZBAD KAZAD-DUM @KHAZAD-DÛM@ CAVERNS OF THE DWARVES - KNOWN AS MORIA TO MEN - WHICH, SOMETIME BEFORE HAD BEEN TAKEN OVER BY THE ORCS, THE SOLDIERS OF MORDOR. HAVING SPENT MANY HOURS WANDERING THE ONCE FABULOUS DWARF HOME, THE FELLOWSHIP HAS SLEPT IN THE TOMB OF BALIN. YET THEY HAVE STILL TO FACE THE BATTLE AT-- -THE STORY CONTINUES- GANDALF CONTINUED READING BALIN'S RECORD OF THE FALL OF MORIA WHICH WAS DISCOVERED JUST AS THE FELLOWSHIP WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE THE TOMB. /"WE CANNOT GET OUT,"/ MUTTERED GIMLI. JUST THEN- {Image: The Fellowship are gathered around Balin's Tomb: Gandalf reads Balin's message} [page 8] {Image: Frame 1: Legolas glares at Gandalf.} A ROLLING /BOOM/ TREMBLED THE STONE FLOOR. A HORN BLAST AND /DOOM-DOOM/ OF DRUMS WAS ANSWERED BY HARSH CRIES AND THE SOUND OF HURRYING FEET. "THEY ARE COMING!" CRIED LEGOLAS. "TRAPPED," CRIED GANDALF, "WHY DID I DELAY?" {Image: Frame 2: Boromir, sword drawn, is attemptign to wedge the door, while Gandalf points with his staff.} WEAPONS DRAWN, PACKS ON IN HOPE OF ESCAPE, THE FELLOWSHIP PREPARES FOR A STAND. "WEDGE THE DOORS!" SHOUTED ARAGORN. BOROMIR PUT HIS SHOULDER TO THE WEST DOOR. "WAIT!" ORDERED GANDALF, STAFF HELD FIRMLY. {Image: Frame 3: Gandalf is still pointing his staff at the door, but now the staff is emitting a fiery light.} RECIEVING ONLY LAUGHTER IN ANSWER TO HIS QUESTION, "WHO COMES TO DISTURB THE REST OF BALIN?" GANDALF THRUST FORWARD HIS STAFF CAUSING A DAZZLING FLASH THAT LIT THE CHAMBER AND THE PASSAGE BEYOND---- {Image: Frame 4: A single orc arrow flies over Gandalf's head. Boromir is holding the door's ring, looking concerned.} THIS TIME TO BE ANSWERED BY WHINING ORC ARROWS! "ORCS, ULUKS OF MORDOR, AND A GREAT CAVE-TROLL," SAID GANDALF, "THERE IS NO ESCAPE THAT WAY." {Image: Frame 5: Aragorn rubs the fingers of his left hand over his drawn blade, lookin at the steel with an anxious expression.} "THERE IS NO SOUND HERE," SAID ARAGORN WHO STOOD POISED BY THE EAST DOOR. "WE MUST DELAY THE ENEMY---- THEY WILL SOON FEAR THE CHAMBER OF MAZABUL!" {Image: Frame 6: Boromir is crouched, still wedging the door, while Legolas retreats, bow drawn, but not ready.} HEAVY FEET SOUNDED OUTSIDE AS BOROMIR WEDGED THE DOOR WITH WOOD AND SWORD BLADES. THE COMPANY RETREATED TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CHAMBER---- {Image: Frame 7: An clawed arm and toeless foot are reaching through the wedged door. Boromir, shown only from the shoulders down, horn hanging loosly from his neck, thrusts his blade near the arm. From the angle in the image, the stab looks like a miss.} -AS A BLOW MADE THE DOOR QUIVER AND SLOWLY FORCE BACK THE WEDGES. A HUGE ARM AND SHOULDER AND A TOELESS FOOT SLIPPED THROUGH THE GAP! [page 9] {Image: Frame 8: A portrait of an orc in armor and helm.} HIS EYES BURNED LIKE COALS AND HIS TONGUE DARTED OVER HIS LIPS. {Image: Frame 9: The orc, shown from behind now, bashes Boromir off balance with a large shield. The shield is a basic rectangular design, accentuated with flared corners ending in intimidating points. Clutched in his right hand is a spear.} HE KNOCKED BOROMIR DOWN WITH HIS HUGE SHIELD---- {Image: Frame 10: The orc is passing Aragorn who is on the back end of a powerful one handed swing. The orc is unfazed.} -DROVE UNDER THE STRIDER'S BLOW---- {Image: Frame 11: Frodo is being driven into the upper right corner fo the frame by a spear thrust from the orc, who stands in the bottom left corner.} -AND THRUST HIS SPEAR AT FRODO---- -PINNING THE HOBBIT TO THE WALL! {Image: Frame 12: Frodo is pinned against the wall, this time depicted on the left of the image. On the right side of the image, Sam is running toward the spear, with his blade raised above his head.} WITH A YELL, SAM RAN TO SAVE HIS MASTER. {Image: Frame 13: Sam is shown from the shoulders down, following through on a downstroke that has just cut cleanly through the speak. Despite the clean cut, the word art reads "CRACK!"} HE HACKED AT THE SPEAR-SHAFT, AND BROKE IT. {Image: Frame 14: The frame is divided into two sections, the majority of the picture occuring before the action is described. Aragorn comes up behind the orc, sword raised high. A smaller frame in the right hand corner shows the orc, his head aflame, with Anduril piercing out the back.} BUT THEN, AS THE ORC SWEPT OUT HIS SCIMITAR, ARAGORN SWUNG HIS ELF-WROUGHT ANDURIL BURSTING THE CHIEFTAIN'S HELM WITH A FLAME-LIKE FLASH! {Image: Frame 15: Aragorn kneels over the orc chiefton, looking distrought. Frodo is lying on his back, hand near the spearshaft lodged in his torso, as blood pools from the chiefain's wound, but not Frodo's.} THE ORC FELL WITH A CLOVEN HEAD BY FRODO WHO LAY DEATHLY STILL. [page 10] {Image: Frame 16: Boromir's blade hacks at a clawed hand reachind through the door.} BOROMIR'S BLADE FELL NOTCHED FROM HIS HAND HAVING NO EFFECT! {Image: Frame 17: Frodo stabs the toeless foot with Sting.} FRODO CRIED, "THE SHIRE!" AND STABBED THE TROLL'S FOOT. IN PAIN, THE FOOT WITHDREW. THE DOOR WAS CLOSED. "THE HOBBIT'S BITE IS DEEP," MUSED THE STRIDER, "GOOD!" {Image: Frame 18: Three orcs have just burst down the door with a crude battering ram made from a log. Above them fly three arrows. The leader is carrying a horn similar to Boromir's.} THE SPLINTERED DOOR OPENED WIDE TO THE CRASH OF RAMS. ORCS POURED INTO THE CHAMBER UNDER COVER OF ARROWS. {Image: Frame 19: A battle scene streches across the middel of the page. Seven figures are engaged in combat. Their actions from left to rigth are: an orc standing with spear drawn; an orc cluthcing at an arrow in his neck; an orc with falchion raised, but who has been stabbed in the right lung by Frodo; Frodo, stabbign the previously described orc; an orc, lifted by the uppercut of Gimli's axe; Gimli, axing said orc; and finally, Legolas, bow drawn with arrow notched.} THE AFFRAY WAS SHARP, BUT THE ORCS WERE DISMAYED BY THE FIERCENESS OF THE DEFENSE. WHEN THIRTEEN ORCS HAD FALLEN, THE REST FLED LEAVING THE DEFENDERS UNHARMED BYT FRO SAM WHO HAD RECIEVED A SCRATCH ALONG THE SCALP. {Image: Frame 20: Gandalf is shielding his eyes with his right hand, which is the hand in which he is holding his staff.} "NOW!" CRIED GANDALF. "LET US LEAVE BEFORE THE TROLL RETURNS!" {Image: Frame 21: Frodo, Sam, and Gimli are exiting the east door, ready to descend a series of steps.} BUT, EVEN AS THEY RETREATED {Image: Frame 22: An orc-chieftain in full armor rushes through the west door, holding a spear and rectangualr shield accented with flared points.} -AN ORC-CHIEFTAIN LEAPED INTO THE CHAMBER! [page 11] {Image: Frame 23: Aragorn and Boromir, swords drawn, chase after a group of orcs, retreating out the west door.} THE ORC'S FOLLOWERS FLED BEFORE THE ATTACK OF ARAGORN AND BOROMIR. {Image: Frame 24: Gandalf points his staff at the east door, encouraging retreat as well.} /DOOM, DOOM/ WENT THE DRUMS. "NOW!" SHOUTED GANDALF, "NOW IS THE LAST CHANCE. RUN FOR IT!" {Image: Frame 25: Aragorn holds Frodo, limp in his arms. The orc-chieftain's spear-shaft still protrudes from Frodo's chest.} ARAGRORN PICKED UP FRODO AND PUSHED MERRY AND PIPPIN TOWARD THE STAIRS. {Image: Frame 26: Legolas, grasping Gimli by the left wrist and shoulder, drags him through the east door.} THE OTHERS FOLLOWED, BUT GIMLI HAD TO BE DRAGGED FROM THE TOMB OF HIS PEOPLE'S HERO BY HIS ELF FRIEND LEGOLAS. {Image: Frame 27: Boromir tugs at the eastern door, shutting it. The background is cross-hatched.} BOROMIR HAULED TO THE EASTER DOOR WHICH GROUND IN PROTEST AT THE HINGES {Image: Frame 28: A portrait of a gaunt Frodo rests limp across of cross-hatched backdrop. His eyes are open now, and his right hand clutches at the bottom text box.} JUST THEN FRODO SPOKE---- "I AM ALL RIGHT," HE GASPED. I CAN WALK. PUT ME DOWN!" ARAGORN NEARLY DROPPED THE HOBBIT IN AMAZEMENT. {Image: Frame 29: Gandalf points with his staff, indicating that Aragorn and the others (not pictured) should continue down the stairs.} "THERE'S NO TIME FOR WONDER," SAID GANDALF. "GO, ALL OF YOU, DOWN THE STAIRS! GO QUICKLY RIGHT AND DOWNWARDS!" "WE CANNOT LEAVE YOU TO HOLD THE DOOR ALONE!" SAID ARAGORN. "DO AS I SAY!" SAID GANDALF FIERCELY. "SWORDS ARE NO MORE USE HERE!" {Image: Frame 30: A long, straight stairway leads down and to the right. At the top left corner of the frame a smaller frame depicts the glimmer of Gandalf's staff. Across the bottom of the image eight of the Nine Walkers stand in the following order (all are shown from behind): Gimli, the hobbits (cannot determine identities from behind), Legolas, Boromir, and Aragorn.} THE PASSAGE WAS UTTERLY DARK. THEY GROPED THEIR WAY DOWN A LONG FLIGHT OF STEPS, AND THEN LOOKED BACK; BUT THEY COULD SEE NOTHING, EXCEPT THE FAINT FLIMMER OF THE WIZARD'S STAFF. [page 12] {Image: Frame 31: Gandalf topples down the stairs while the other eight Walkers are depicted from behind in the same order as frame 28.} SUDDENLY, AT THE TOP OF THE STAIR, THERE WAS A STAB OF WHITE LIGHT. THERE WAS A DULL RUMBLE AIDED BY THE WILD /DOOM-DOOM/ OF THE DRUMS. GANDALF CAME FLYING DONW THE STEPS AND FELL AMIDST THE COMPANY. {Image: Frame 32: Boromir clasps Gandalf reassuringly on the back of the head with his right hand. Gimli looks on, shown from behind, at the bottom left of the frame. The background is cross hatched.} "WELL, THAT'S OVER!" SAID THE WIZARD. "BUT I HAVE MET MY MATCH AND HAVE ALMOST BEEN DESTROYED. BUT DON'T STAND HERE! GO ON! YOU WILL HAVE TO DO WITHOUT LIGHT: I'M RATHER SHAKEN. GIMLI, COME AHEAD WITH ME!" {Image: Frame 33: All Nine Walkers are shown progressing from the left to the right of a large middle pannel. They order, from right to left, Galndalf leading, Gimli at his side, Aragorn, Boromir, and Legolas, walking three abreast, Sam, with Frodo resting his weight on Sam's rigth side, and Merry and Pippin pulling up the rear.} THE COMPANY STUMBLED CLOSE BEHIND HIM WONDERING WHAT HAD HAPPENED. THE NOW MUFFLED /DOOM-DOOM/ OF THE DRUMS FOLLOWED THEM, BUT THERE WAS NO OTHER SOUND OF PURSUIT. THEY TOOK NO TURNS AND DESCENDED MANY FLIGHTS OF STAIRS TO A LOWER LEVEL. GANDALF FELT THE GROUND WITH HIS STAFF LIKE A BLIND MAN. FRODO WAS BREATHING HEAVILY AND LEANING AGAINST SAM. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEVENTH FLIGHT GANDALF HALTED. {Image: Frame 34: Gandalf has stopped to rest, sitting on the steps with his staff clutched before him in his right hand. Gimli looks on in concern.} "IT IS GETTING HOT!" HE GASPED. "WE OUGHT TO BE AT THE LEVEL OF THE GATES NOW. I HOPE IT IS NOT FAR. I AM VERY WEARY. I MUST REST A MOMENT." {Image: Frame 35: The frame is a close up of 32, showing Gandalf and Gimli's faces in greater detail. The angle of the picture has also changed, so that Gandalf is shown in profile.} "WHAT HAPPENED UP THERE AT THE DOOR?" ASKED GIMLI. "DID YOU MEET THE BEATER OF THE DRUMS?" "I DO NOT KNOW," GANDALF REPLIED. "BUT I FOUND MYSELF SUDDENLY FACED WITH SOMETHING I HAD NEVER MET BEFORE..." [page 13] {Image: Frame 36: The following series of images are a flashback of Gandalf describing what happened when the others left him behind by the east door. In the first frame, he is using his staff to cast a spell on the door handle.} "AS I STOOD THERE PUTTING A SHUTTING-SPELL ON THE DOOR, I COULD HEAR THE ORCS ON THE OTHER SIDE. ALL I COUGHT WAS ghôsh: THAT IS 'FIRE'. {Image: Frame 37: A portrait fo Gandalf looking concerned.} "THEN SOMETHING CAME INTO THE CHAMBER- THE ORCS WERE AFRAID AND FELL SILENT. {Image: Frame 38: Gandalf still looks concerned, but in this frame he is surrounded by the ring shaped door handle, which is still glowing from the spell. A burst of flame is spewing from the bottom left corner of the frame.} "IT LAID HOLD OF THE IRON RING, AND THEN IT PERCEIVED ME AND MY SPELL. {Image: Frame 39: Gandlaf is still casting his spell with the staff clutched in his right hand, but now the flame, burting from the door handle, has caused him to shield his eyes and has blown off his hood.} "WHAT IT WAS I COULD NOT GUESS, BUT I HAD NEVER BEFORE FELT SUCH A CHALLENGE. THE COUNTER-SPELL WAS TERRIBLE. IT NEARLY BROKE ME. {Image: Frame 40: The door is pushed open by fire. Gandalf is not present in this frame.} "FOR AN INSTANT THE DOOR LEFT MY CONTROL AND BEGAN TO OPEN! {Image: Frame 41: Gandalf continues to move backwards.} "I HAD TO SPEAK A WORD OF COMMAND. THAT PROVED TOO GREAT A STRAIN." {Image: Frame 42: The door bursts apart in flames. Gandalf falls backwards down the stairs, towards the bottom righthand corner of the frame.} "THE DOOR BURST INTO PIECES. SOMETHING DARK AS A CLOUD WAS BLOCKING OUT ALL THE LIGHT INSIDE, AND I WAS THROWN BACKWARDS DOWN THE STAIRS. ALL OF THE WALL GAVE WAY, AND THE ROOF AS WELL." {Image: Frame 43: Gandalf sits wearily on the stairs, staff cradled in the crook of his right arm. Gimli observes him in concern.} "I AM AFRAID BALIN IS BURIED DEP, AND MAYBE SOMETHING ELSE IS BURIED THERE TOO. I CANNOT SAY," THE WIZARD CONCLUDED. "BUT AT LEAST THE PASSAGE BEHIND US WAS COMPLETELY BLOCKED. AH! I HAVE NEVER FELT SO SPENT BUT IT PASSES." [page 14] {Image: Frame 44: Caught back up to the present moment. Gandalf and Gimli begin to walk once more.} THEY MARVELED THAT THE WIZARD AND FRODO WERE STILL ALIVE, THEN WENT ON AGAIN. BEFORE LONG GIMLI SPOKE. "I THINK THAT THERE IS A LIGHT AHEAD- RED, NOT DAYLIGHT." "Ghâsh!" MUTTERED GANDALF. "I WONDER IF THAT MEANS THAT THE LOWER DEPTHS ARE ON FIRE?" {Image: Frame 45: A close-up of Gandalf's face shows extreme worry. Sweat is dripping on his brow, but whether from concern or the heat is unclear.} SOON THE LIGHT FLICKERED UNMISTAKABLY ON THE WALLS. THEY CAME TO A LOW ARCHWAY AND GANDALF STEPPED THROUGH SIGNING THE OTHERS TO WAIT. THE AIR WAS HOT AND A RED GLOW LIT HIS FACE. {Image: Frame 46: Gandalf stands at the right side fo the frame, addressin Frodo, Legolas, and Boromir, who are shown from behind on the right side.} QUICKLY HE STEPPED BACK. "THERE IS NEW DEVILTY HERE. DEVISED FOR OUR WELCOME NO DOUBT," HE SAID. "BUT I KNOW WHERE WE ARE: WE HAVE REACHED THE FIRST DEEP. THIS IS THE SECOND HALL OF OLD MORIA; AND THE GATES ARE NEAR: AWAY ON THE LEFT NOT MORE THAN A QUARTER MILE. ACROSS THE BRIDGE, THROUGH THE FIRST HALL, AND OUT! BUT COME AND LOOK!" {Image: Frame 47: A large pannel shows the hall, mostly open in design, with tree-like pillars supporting the ceiling at intervals. Flames rack the far end of the room.} THEY PEERED OUT. BEFORE THEM WAS ANOTHER CAVERNOUS HALL. RIGHT ACROSS THE FLOOR, CLOSE TO THE FEET OF TWO PILLARS, A GREAT FISSURE HAD OPENED. OUT OF IT CAME A FIERCE RED LIGHT. "IF WE HAD COME BY THE MAIN RAOD, WE WOULD HAVE BEEN TRAPPED HERE," SAID GANDALF. "LET US HOPE THAT THE FIRE NOW LIES BETWEEN US AND PURSUIT." EVEN AS HE SPOKE THEY HEARD AGAIN THE PURSIING DRUM BEAT: THE PILLARS SEEMED TO TREMBLE AND THE FLAMES TO QUIVER. "NOW FOR THE LAST RACE!" SAID GANDALF. "IF THE SUN IS SHINING OUTSIDE, WE MAY STILL ESCAPE. AFTER ME!" HE TURNED LEFT AND SPED ACROSS THE SMOOTH FLOOR OF THE HALL. {Image: Frame 48: Three orcs are shown in pursuit. The leader has no apparent weapon, but the orc behind him has a bow notched and ready, and the third has a sword drawn.} AS THEY RAN THEY HEARD THE BEAT OF MANY HURRYING FEET BEHIND. A SHRILL YELL WENT UP THEY HAD BEEN SEEN. {Image: Frame 49: An arrow flies over Frodo's head, just to the left of Boromir's shoulder. Both are fleeing pursuit.} AN ARROW WHISTLED OVER FRODO'S HEAD. BOROMIR LAUGHED. "THEY DID NOT EXPECT THIS. THE FIRE HAS CUT THEM OFF." {Image: Frame 50: Gandalf, Frodo, and Boromir, barely out of the bottom left corner of the frame, approach a narrow bridge of earth, stretching over a foreboding chasm.} "LOOK AHEAD!" GANDALF CALLED. "THE BRIDGE IS NEAR. IT IS DANGEROUS AND NARROW." FRODO SAW BEFORE HIM A BLACK CHASM. [page 15] {Image: Frame 51: Gandalf faces Gimli, Pippin, and Merry as he speaks with them.} AT THE BRINK GANDALF HALTED. "LEAD THE WAY, GIMLI," HE SAID. "PIPPIN AND MERRY NEXT. STRAIGHT ON AND UP THE STAIR BEYOND THE DOOR." {Image: Frame 52: An arrow punctures through the top of Gandalf's hood, above the crown of his head. Another bounces off Frodo's chest.} ARROWS FELL AMONG THEM. FRODO LOOKED BEHIND. {Image: Frame 53: A line of orcs fire arrows from a flaming ledge of the chasm.} BEYOND THE FIRE HE SAW SWARMING BLACK FIGURES: THERE SEEMED TO BE HUNDREDS OF ORCS. SPEARS AND SCIMITARS SHONE RED AS BLOOD IN THE LIGHT. {Image: Frame 54: Legolas, shown in profile, has an arrow drawn, pulled back to his right cheek.} LEGOLAS SET AN ARROW TO THE STRING, THOUGH IT WAS A LONG SHOT FOR HIS BOW. HE DREW, BUT HIS HAND FELL AND THE ARROW SLIPPED TO THE GROUND. HE GAVE A CRY OF DISMAY AND FEAR {Image: Frame 55: A orc commander, shown from behind is directing two trolls. One troll is hefting a large stone slab above his head, while the other looks to the orc for direction.} TWO GREAT TROLLS APPEARED; THEY BORE GREAT SLABS OF STONE, AND FLUNG THEM DOWN TO SERVE AS GANGWAYS OVER THE FIRE. BUT IT WAS NOT THESE THAT HAD FILLED THE ELF WITH TERROR. {Image: Frame 56: The Balrog, detailed only with curved lines and empty eyes, approaches against a backdrop of diagonal lines. He is holding a flaming sword in his right hand, and a whip in his left.} THE RANKS OF ORCS HAD OPENED, AND THEY CROWDED AWAY AS IF THEY THEMSELVES WERE AFRAID. SOMETHING WAS COMING UP BEHIND THEM. WHAT IT WAS COULD NOT BE SEEN: IT WAS LIKE A GREAT SHADOW, IN THE MIDDLE OF WHICH WAS A DARK FORM, MAN SHAPE MAYBE, YET GREATER; AND A POWER AND TERROR SEEMED TO BE IN IT AND TO GO BEFORE IT. {Image: Frame 57: The Balrog charges forth, sword lunging forward, whip trailing behind.} IT CAME TO THE EDGE OF THE FIRE AND THE LIGHT FADED AS IF A CLOUD HAD BENT OVER IT. THEN WITH A RUSH IT LEAPED ACROSS THE FISSURE. THE FLAMES ROARED UP TO GREET IT, AND WREATHED ABOUT IT; AND A BALCK SMOKE SWIRLED IN THE AIR. ITS STREAMING MANE KINDLED AND BLAZED BEHIND IT. IN ITS RIGHT HAND WAS A BLADE LIKE A STABBING TONGUE OF FIRE; IN ITS LEFT IT HELD A WHIP OF MANY THRONGS. "Ai! Ai!" WAILED LEGOLAS. "A BALROG!" [page 16] {Image: Frame 58: Gandalf and Gimli are speaking side by side, Gandalf leaning on his staff, and Gimli with his axe out, but not ready.} GIMLI STARED WITH WIDE EYES. "DURIN'S BANE," HE CRIED. "A BALROG," MUTTERED GANDALF. "NOW I UNDERSTAND. @"@ HE LEANED HEAVILY ON HIS STAFF. "WHAT AN EVIL FORTUNE! AND I AM ALREADY WEARY." {Image: Frame 59: The Balrog continues to advance, a line of orcs organized behind it.} THE DARK FIGURE STREAMING WITH FIRE RACED TOWARD THEM. THE ORCS YELLED AND POURED OVER THE STONE GANGWAYS. {Image: Frame 60: Boromir, shown only from the neck up, is holding his horn to his mouth, in the action of blowing.} THEN BOROMIR RAISED HIS HORN AND BLEW. LOUD THE CHALLENGE RANG AND BELLOWED, LIKE THE SHOUTS OF MANY THROATS. FOR A MOMENT THE ORCS QUAILED AND THE FIERY SHADOW HALTED. THEN THE ECHOES DIED SUDDENLY AND THE ENEMY ADVANCED AGAIN. {Image: Frame 61: Gandalf is pointing to direct the other eight Walkers across the bridge.} "OVER THE BRIDGE!" CRIED GANDALF, RECALLING HIS STRENGTH. "FLY! THIS IS A FOE BEYOND ANY OF YOU. I MUST HOLD THE NARROW WAY. FLY!@"@ {Image: Frame 62: Aragorn and Boromir look back over the bridge at Gandalf. All three have swords drawn. Legolas and Frodo are not looking back. Neither has a weapon ready.} ARAGRORN AND BOROMIR DID NOT HEED THE COMMAND, BUT STILL HELD THEIR GROUND BEHIND GANDALF AT THE FAR END OF THE BRIDGE. THE OTHERS HALTED AND TURNED AT THE HALL'S END. {Image: Frame 63: Gandalf stands before the chasm with his sword at the ready.} GANDALF STOOD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SPAN, LEANING ON THE STAFF IN HIS LEFT HAND, BUT IN HIS OTHER HAND GLAMDRING GLEAMED COLD AND WHITE. {Image: Frame 64: The Balrog stands, wings extended, as it cracks its whip. A spark around the throngs suggests a sonic boom.} HIS ENEMY THE BALROG REACHED THE BRIDGE, HALTED, FACED HIM, AND THE SHADDOWS ABOUT IT REACHED OUT LIKE WINGS. IT RAISED THE WHIP, THE THONGS WHINED AND CRACKED AND HIS NOSTRILS BELCHED FIRE. {Image: Frame 65: A close-up of Gnadal holdin Glamdring at the ready. His eyes are squinted in concentration.} BUT GANDALF STOOD FIRM. "YOU CANNOT PASS," HE SAID. "I AM THE SERVANT OF THE SECRET FIRE, WIELDER OF THIS FLAME OF ANOR... YOU CANNOT PASS. THE DARK FIRE WILL NOT AVAIL YOU, FLAME OF UDUN. GO BACK TO THE SHADOW! YOU CANNOT PASS." [page 17] {Image: Frame 66: The picture encompasses only swords and hands. Glamdring strikes from the right; the Balrog's blade sputters flames at contact.} THE BALROG MADE NO ANSWER. IT STEPPED ON TO THE BRIDGE, DREW ITSELF TO A GREAT HEIGHT. FROM THE SHADOW A RED SWORD LEAPED FLAMING. GLAMDRING GLITTERED WHITE IN ANSWER. THERE WAS A CLASH AND A STAB OF WHITE FLAME. {Image: Frame 67: This frame concentrates on the Balrog's left side, while the right is engaged in swordplay. The Balrog stands on the bridge, whip raised high.} THE BALROG LEAPED FULL UPON THE BRIDGE. ITS WHIP WHIRLED AND HISSED. {Image: Frame 68: Boromir and Aragorn are again shown from behind, weapons raised, as they refuse to leave Gandalf.} "HE CANNOT STAND ALONE! @"@ CRIED ARAGORN. "ELENDIL! I AM WITH YOU, GANDALF!" {Image: Frame 69: An extra large pannel showning Gandalf striking the bridge with his staff. A blinding light emanates from the strike, which causes the bridge to fall away, and the Balrog, Aragorn, and Boromir to shield their eyes.} AT THAT MOMENT GANDALF LIFTED HIS STAFF, AND CRYING ALOUD HE SMOTE THE BRIDGE BEFORE HIM. THE STAFF BROKE ASUNDER AND FELL FROM HIS HAND. A BLINDING SHEET OF WHITE FLAME SPRANG UP. THE BRIDGE CRACKED. RIGHT AT THE BALROG'S FEET IT BROKE, AND CRASHED INTO THE GULF. [page 18] {Frame 70: The Balrog falls into the chasm, its whip flailing upward as it disappears into the darkenss. Gandalf stands on the broken remnants of the bridge.} WITH A TERRIBLE CRY THE BALROG FELL FORWARD, AND ITS SHADOW PLUNGED DOWN AND VANISHED. {Frame 71: The Balrog's whip wraps around Gandalf's legs. The image is depicted from a vantage behind Gandalf.} BUT EVEN AS IT FELL IT SWUNG ITS WHIP AND THE THONGS CURLED ABOUT GANDALF'S KNEES, DRAGGING HIM TO THE BRINK. {Frame 72: Gandalf's head and hands are visible as he holds onto the edge of the chasm. His expression is one of great effort.} HE STAGGERED AND FELL, GRASPED VAINLY AT THE STONE, AND SLID INTO THE ABYSS. "FLY, YOU FOOLS!" HE CRIED, AND WAS GONE. {Frame 73: The remaining Walkers gather around Aragorn, who is holding his sword. They are depicted from left to right: Gimli, three of the hobbits (shown from behind), Boromir (shown from behind), and Legolas (shown in profile). Two pillars and the chasm make up the background of the image.} THE COMPANY STOOD ROOTED STARING AT THE PIT. EVEN AS ARAGORN AND BOROMIR CAME FLYING BACK, THE REST OF THE BRIDGE CRACKED AND FELL. "COME!" ARAGORN CALLED, "I WILL LEAD YOU NOW! WE MUST OBEY HIS LAST COMMAND. FOLLOW ME!" {Frame 74: The Walkers hurry up the Great Stairs toward a wide passage. Aragorn is leading the way, followed closely by Gimli, then Legolas. Three of the hobbits make up the next group. Boromir pulls up the rear. The image is depicted from the vantage behind the action.} THEY STUMBLED WILDLY UP THE GREAT STAIRS. AT THE TOP WAS A WIDE PASSAGE. {Frame 75: A portrait of Frodo and Sam, both sweating. Only Frodo's face is visible to the left. Sam appears from the shoulders up on the right side of the image.} ALONG THIS THEY RAN. FRODO HEARD SAM AT HIS SIDE WEEPING, AND THEN HE FOUND THAT HE, TOO, WAS WEEPING AS HE RAN. DOOM, DOOM, DOOM THE DRUM-BEATS ROLLED BEHIND MOURNFUL NOW, DOOM! {Frame 76: Gimli, Aragorn, and Legolas approach the great gates leading out of Moria. The gates are flanked, inside and out, by massive pillars. Beynd the gates, a path is visible amid a thick forest.} THEY RAN ON. THE LIGHT GREW BEFORE THEM, GREAT SHAFTS PIERCED THE ROOF. THEYT PASSED INTO A HALL, BRIGHT WITH DAYLIGHT FROM ITS HIGH WINDOWS. THROUGH ITS BROKEN DOORS THEY PASSED, AND BEFORE THEM THE GREAT GATES OPENED. {Frame 77: Aragorn swings his blade at an orc captain. In the image, it appears the captain is able to dodge the blow by leaning back. The action is depicted from a vantage behind Aragorn.} THERE WAS A GUARD OF ORCS CROUCHED IN THE SHADOWS. ARAGORN SMOTE THE CAPTAIN THAT STOOD IN HIS PATH, AND THE REST FLED FROM HIS WRATH. {Frame 78: Boromir follows one of the hobbits, probably Frodo, down the stairs outside Moria.} THE COMPANY SWEPT PAST THEM. OUT OF THE GATES THEY RAN DOWN THE AGE-WORN STEPS. THE THRESHOLD OF MORIA. DIMRILL DALE LAY ABOUT THEM. To be continued....