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[page 29] THE ELVEN SHIP The ship sailed out upon the waves In early twilight clear, And from afar there gleamed a star: The crystal palantir. Three towers, lone, deserted stand, And yet untouched by time; But pale and white, in soft moonlight, They wait for Fall's first rime. From Havens near the Gulf of Lune The Elven-ship set sail, From Havens grey it sailed away With one white silken veil. "The Elves are gone!" the meadows wept, And "Gone!" echoed the trees; The seagulls cried, but one espied A faint star on the seas. They sailed away from Mortal sight, Away from pains of Earth; The Elven-crew, now old and few Sailed off to thier rebirth. Long since has Elrond passed away To Elvenhome the blessed; Galadriel, whom Earth knew well, Has sought eternal rest.[page 30] Gandalf the Grey, and Cirdan tall, And Glorfindel the Great, The warrior strong, whose sword-arm long Sent Angmar to its fate. And Frodo, bearer of tne Ring, A Hobbit, small but bold; His uncle famed, old Bilbo named, Who won Smaug's hoard of gold. But Gandalf's task is finished now: The Dark Lord is o'erthrown, And Aragorn, to kingship born, Wears Gondor's ancient crown. So now the Elves, tired Sons of Earth, Sail o'er the Sundering Seas. In Western lands the White Tree stands, Fairest of all Earth's trees. No more shall forests hide Elf-homes, Nor hear clash Elven-sword; In Rivendell no more shall dwell Halfelven Elrond, Lord. Lothlorien, the land of gold, Where dwelt fair Celeborn, Beside the well of Nimrodel, And forest of mallorn, {Image: Decorative embellishments right of the text.} [page 31] No more shall hear Galadriel Of EresseƤ sing, For Halfling bold did melt the gold Of Sauron's evil Ring. Now gone, into the Farthest West Sung oft in Elvish lays, The Fair Folk passed, and there shall last Until the End of Days. Peter Sloman