TIW: [Letter expressing agreement with Rick Brooks regarding tehtar and Tolkien's language of the elves, and offers opinion on the accents characters in TLoTR would have, i.e., American v British, with in-line commentary by Greg Shaw]

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[page 20] _Ingrid von Essen, Drumsövägen 17A, Helsinki 20 Finland I agree with Rick Brooks that if enough knowledge of Elvish could be gotten, the tengwar were best reserved for that. It's too dependent on pronunciation to be adapted to a language like English with so many regional dialects. Anyway, I have both an American and a British accent, phony of course but about equally bad so I can feel objective, and I don't quite like the thought of tengwar that reads like American. The sounds of the New World seem singularly unfit for Middle Earth. After all, Tolkien himself is English. -/Zounds! I never looked at it that way before./- When you read LotR, do you really hear, say, Aragorn speaking with an American accent? -/Hesitant as I am to admit it, yes I do/- I could more easily accept British RP transcribed in tengwar. But I suppose it'd be unnatural to lots of people. (I realize that since they didn't speak English anyway I'm being rather ridiculous. But still.) If Disney gets hold of LotR I'll throw stones at the American embassy.

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