TIW: [Letter admiring improvements in Entmoot production quality, and sharing letter received from Allen & Unwin regarding the publication status of The Silmarillion]

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[page 14] _BEN SOLON_ 3933 N. Janssen Chicago, Illinois 60613 Art and layout are improved greatly over the first two issues; likewise the material (it isn't my kind of stuff, but I dig the editorial personality). -/gee/- I agree with you, Disney is probably the only film maker around who could do even a half-way decent Job with LOTR. Certainly, you could do worse --Bert I. Gordon, for example ... I wrote to the Unwins in regard to the status of THE SILMARILLION; their reply is enclosed. It would seem that Jack Chalker is again engaged in his ancient and honorable passtime @pastime@ of Spreading False rumors through Fandom. [page 15] GEORGE ALLEN & UNWIN LTD. Dock Publishers Ruskin House 40 Museum Street London W.C.I. Ben Solon 3933 N. Janssen S., Chicago, Ill. 60613 Dear Mr. Solon, Thank you for your letter of the 25th February. I am afraid that the rumour you heard was untrue for Professor Tolkien is still very busily engaged in writing THE, SILMARILLION and, since he is a perfectionist, I fear that it will be some time yet before it is ready, and certainly not in 1966. Yours sincerely, for GEORGE ALLEN AND UNWIN LIMITED (signed) Rayner Unwin

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