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[page 11] _BARRY TUNICK_ 4470 Elenda Culver City, Calif. 90230 I disagree with the suggestion that Disney do _TLotR_. Disney's private vision of the world has been made public through his numerous super-popular productions. It's not, I hope, the type of vision that _TLotR_'s readers have of Middle-Earth. Can you see a Disney Cinderella-good-fairy type as Arwen Evenstar? A Jiminy Cricket as the tentn member of the Fellowship (with a few upbeat songs to make the quest seem less arduous)? Happy, Grumpy [page 12] And Doc as Gimli's brothers? I hope you can't<*> and I hope you won't. Disney has the technical resources to recreate an awesome Mordor and a splendid Rivendell, but his elves, his hobbits, his Gandalf? Spare us. <*>If you can, perhaps your fantasy life has already been shaped in part by Disney in "Cinderella," "Dumbo," "Fantasia," etc., etc., etc., ("I care not Who makes a country's laws -- or writes its songs -- so long as I animate its fairy tales.")