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[page 5] _CUYLER WARNELL (NED) BROOKS_ 911 Briarfield Rd. Newport News,va.23605 The Staton illos in ENTMOOT are good, he's improved a lot, and the backcover by Janet Dottery is excellent. Didn't think too much of Chambers' things. Well enough conceived, but crude. I guess they are about average for fan art though. Glad to see you got all of the page conversion equations right. Deathless curses are a hell of a lot of work to whomp up. I knew I had heard something about a cartoon version of the HOBBIT! Is this Bill Snyder here or in England? It's not really clear from that last paragraph in TIW. -/I don't know/- Darn! I'11 have to look around for somebody that can read music to find out how Ruth Berman's tune to GIL-GALAD WAS AN ELVEN KING goes. We should be able to get all the Tolkien songs on tape somehow. I have facilities here to copy 2-track or 4-track tapes, at any of the three standard speeds. -/Hmmm. Several people have expressed interest in compiling a library of tapes of Tolkien songs. I have tentatively begun work on such a project, and I'd like anyone who thinks they could be of help to write me and make arrangements. Once I've got the basic library I can arrange to sell copies of the taped songs to anyone who wants them./- Banks Mebane's article is excellent, certainly much more interesting than mine. I wish I knew that much about the LOTR. There seems little to choose between "omentielmo" and "omentielvo", but it seems to me that "amanier" is more musical where it appears in the poem on p.489 of the Ballantine FOTR than the corresponding original "vanier". Your stenciling of the tengwar for my poem is great. Even tho the poetry isn't much, the comparison of the tengwar and the certar is very good. The tengwar are much shorter, besides being more beautiful. An ideal language for poetry. Next ENTMOOT you should have Don Simpson reply to all the comments on histengwar system. I still think it is too complex for a real language.-/I wish he would; I don't/- Phil Har [page 6] Mell showed me a letter from Don Wollheim saying that he had come to terms with Tolkien and that Tolkien was to get about $9,000 from the sales of the Ace books to date. -/Yes./- It was good to hear about the possibility of another _I Palantir_ this year. Probably depends on whether Pelz can get the quality of material he wants. -/See fanzine reviews thish. So far as I know, Pelz has the material. I know he has some material of suitable quality. I think it's a matter of finding time to prepare and actually put out the zine./-