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[page 4] _FRAGMENTS OF A TRANSLATION_ ...Of the First Born are the stories told When the half remembered songs are sung: (Oh, song designed for sweeter tongue To sing, for keener ear to hear!) When Elven Lords and Kings of Old Set sword against the Lord of Fear... ...Orc and beast man, sword and flame, To Minas Tirith Mordor came... ... Fell did Grond Hellhammer ring Behind stood Angmar's ringwraith king: To drive each blow the Witchking cursed, Upon the third the iron gate burst. The wraith advanced with doom of fear All fled before but Mithrandir, Who wrestled death but did not pass away: Great Gandalf, the wizard in grey Who served the sacred fire; whose light Succeeded to the robe of white At Orthanc when the White Hand stood The seige of Fangorn's restless wood, Who broke the staff of Saruman And called the Stone of Seeing to his hand... ...Rohan's Riders, fair and grim Swept hard against the Haradrim To keep all oaths they pledged of yore Upon the bloody Pelannor... ee evers 1966 <Four lines of non-Tolkien symbols>