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[page 13] WE ( AS THE SAYING GOES ) ALSO HEARD FROM: Rick Brooks ("I dislike the idea of using the Tengwar as a "code" for English writing. I will admit that this article gave me a better understanding of Tolkien's letters. I would much rather find a way of getting together enough Elven speech to use for purposes of communication."); Ira Lee Riddle, Bruce Robbins; R.F. Wald, Frank O'Neill, Mark Mandel ("Many interesting ideas came out of that -/TSA/- meeting, such as the thought that the world, going from West to East, went like this: The Uttermost West, Valimar, Eldamar, the Sundering Sea, (Númenor,) Middle-Earth (Eriador, Rhūn...) Telmar, the Lantern Waste, Narnia, the Sea (with its islands), the Silver Sea, the End of the World, Aslan's Country, the Uttermost West. How's _that_ for you? ....... Got a letter today from John Yohalem; his folks' friend Bill Snyder has film (cartoon) rights to The Hobbit, & has had for 3 years. He's working on it now & may take John & brother as unpaid advisers.").