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[page 12] Don Simpson : 3177 W. Fifth St. : Los Angeles, Calif. : 90005 Your dictionary of Eldarin -/in FEEMWLORT/- is magnificent -- I will want a copy of the final version. The presentation of my Tengwar system is very good. Dan Alderson has suggested putting the tehtar over the following letter or _under_ the proceeding @preceding@ letter in the same system: <Three examples of words written in Tolkien's Tengwar script (one is "zoology") demonstrating where to put the tehtar symbols> -/this is fine, except l) it is unnecessary complication; I find that the need to use the carrier does not occur that often that it causes me any difficulty, and 2) something just doesn't look right about that o-curl underneath. The shape of that tehta tends to make me feel that the base of it should be _connected_ to something; therefore, in reading I would either tend to associate it with the line beneath and get confused, or be constantly bothered by the feeling that something looks wrong with it. But let's see what the other experts say. At any rate, if someone wants to use it, we now know what it means. #I love stencilling your tengwar, Don. If you don't want to send me any artwork, could you at least in your letter of comment on this issue write the uncomplicated non-linguistic parts in tengwar, like the letters you've sent me? I would like to try making it come out as lovely in print as it is in the original, and I would also like my readers to see how beautiful the tengwar is when written properly, which might help explain the fascination of some of us for it. /-