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[page 9] Larry Paschelke, 4107 N.E. 134th Ave. Portland, Oregon : 97230 I got ENTMOOT #2, and I'm glad to see that a magazine dedicated to Tolkien's works is being started The entire, over-all mood and scope of the Lord of the Rings has probably meant more to me than any other written creation. A complete world of fantasy that has logical history, languages, races, etc., and so well-written ----well, you know why Tolkien's material is wonderful. One area of Middle Earth I would like to see some additional information on is the Ents. For quite a few years I have been especially interested in stories of part-tree, part-man creatures, and certainly consider Tolkien's description of the physical and language aspects of the Ents as the ultimate of this [page 10] sort. I once started to make a list of stories which featured intelligent, organized tree-like beings (not just mean-eating plants),but never carried it out very far, such as: "The Woman of the Wood" by Merritt, "The Man Whom the Trees Loved" by Blackwood, and "The King and the Oak" (poem) by Robert E. Howard. But Tolkien has vastly expanded this concept with the Ents and their ancient background.