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[page 3] EPILOGUES by Divers Hands Sauron fell with Mordor, as I mentioned once before, And his realm was destroyed without pity; But his spirit lives today, just the same in every way, In the House Un-American Activities Committee! (Chorus) Sharkey's last desire was to get even with the Shire And make it a Vast Wasteland, you can guess; He and Sauron, as I fear, now exploit the _Palantír_, And the Eye is seen each night on CBS! (Chorus) Shagrat's job went down the drain at the end of Sauron's reign But he thinks his new line of work is keen; Though a pen-name he may use, you can spot him if you choose In almost any movie magazine! (Chorus) After Baradur's collapse it was stricken from the maps, But a city later rose upon its site; While it wouldn't do to say where the ancient Mordor lay Just don't try to walk through Central Park at night! Sauron had no friend to help him at the end, not even an Orc or a slave; It was dirty Frodo Baggins who fixed his little wagon And laid poor Sauron in his grave! {Image: A textual design made from alternating hyphens and colons divides the texts.} Sauron worked in Eregion, Wide and dark were the webs he spun, Put his magic in what he wrought And a Ring of Power was what he got. Ring of Power! What is that? Round and gold, for an autocrat, And inside it the words so grim: "PATENT PENDING, I.B.M."