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[page 34] _JIM CAUGHRAN, 414 Lawrence Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan_ I fear Gina Clarke's article may start a discussion of Tolkien going. This is evil; Tolkien as a discussion topic is almost as bad as Coventry. And besides, what does it have to do with science fiction? My god, I wish children would quit growing up. I did a doubletake when I came across Willis' 1 mention' of his _17-year-old_ daughter. I remember Carol Willis from the pages of HYPHEN, a cute 7-year-old who took fandom for granted and said cute things like "Those are fanzines, silly," to her playmates. Seventeen? My god. Re your anecdote about the Church of the Brotherhood of the Way: I was married in that Church too, you know. It happened at the 1963 Westercon. Bjo and I were walking through the lobby, and someone (Norm Metcalf?) ran up and said, "Why don't you and Susan get married in the Church of the Brotherhood of the Way?" So I said to Donaho, who was sitting in the lobby in front of us, "Marry us," clutching Bjo. Donaho leaned back in his pontifical majesty and said, "So you're married." ((That raises an interesting theological question: does the Church of the Brotherhood of the Way condone polygamy? And , perhaps more important, does it recognize Mexican divorces?))