Amon Lhaw: [Letter responding to Entmoot #1, with in-line commentary by Greg Shaw]

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[page 8] RICK BROOKS, R.R . #1 , Fremont, Indiana 46737 I received ENTMOOT #1 yesterday. I have one idea for a worthwhile Tolkien project, mainly for those who read your mag and don't have the hardcover RING editions. Someone should figure out a conversion formula to convert the page nurnbers in the hardcovers to the page numbers in both the Ace and Ballantine paperbacks. That way fans with just the paperbacks can follow the discussions. You mention that you're @you've@ read #2 of I PALANTIR. Is there any way I could borrow, beg, or buy I PALANTIRs #2 and #3? I have a copy of #1 and was very impressed by it. -/I don't have #2-I borrowed someone else's copy. But maybe some of our readers can help you./- I never thought of using script to represent English. I couldn't translate your page of script, tho. -/I couldn't either/- After getting a mess like prhpkp for the first word, I quit. I don't think the reproduction was too good, tho. I liked "An Elven Sage" but got a little mixed up shifting between Beleriand and Middle Earth.-/??!?!! But ... Beleriand was _in_ M.E. **Directly east of the Blue Mts., I believe, or maybe it's southeast/- -/Your idea is a good one and I have given it some thought. Hopefully

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