Amon Lhaw: [Letter musing on the meaning of Thangorodrim and Morgoth with in-line commentary from Greg Shaw]

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[page 4] LEROY FRAZIER, c/o Greg _Shaw A point came up recently in a discussion that I'd like to put to your readership, Greg. Tolkien gives us the phrase, in various forms: "The breaking of Thangorodrim and the defeat of Morgoth". I have always assumed that Morgoth was the First Age equivalent of Sauron, and Thangorodrim some sort of manifestation of evil power, the Empire of Evil created by Morgoth, the Black One. But then I met someone who interpreted it the exact opposite way, with Thangorodrim as the Enemy and Morgoth his Reign of Terror. From Tolkien's wording, as far as I can see, it can be interpreted either way. I would like to find out what the majority of your readers thinks, and if any of them know of a passage that would prove it one way or another. -/What about it, fans? Can you help Leroy?/-

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