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[page 6] <in phonetically written FĂ«anorian tengwar>Entmoot, as we have said, is meant to be a place where all Tolkien fans can get together to share ideas and discuss common interests. My major interest and that of many others is the written languages, and I beleive @believe@ a zine like Entmoot would be incomplete without a distinct department for this group. Therefore, I would like to have a department in each issue of one or two pages consisting of news, gossip, and interesting ideas in this script that would not be printed elsewhere in English ... thus possible inducing some people to attempt translation who ordinarily would not. Of course readers who are are urged to submit material in script form -- in fact this would please me greatly -- perhaps we could even give prizes or something. Please send contributions or suggestions to me -- I am anxious to hear fron you. Since Entmoot is being sent primarily to Tolkien fans, it is likely that many of you will be able to read the message on the next page. We would appreciate it if you would let us know if you can. We need to know how large a percentage of our readership is "literate" in the Tolkien scripts in order to decide how often to publish such things -- if at all. Greg Shaw.