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[page 5] Here's GREG SHAW's answer to Harry's comment two pages back, just arrived: "I once tried to figure out origins of Tolkien's names. I found many -- all among the Hobbits, which has also been the experience of all those I know who have done any research. I beleive @believe@ that he has in all cases used the Hobbits for his synbolism. Are you sure about that name Tuck which is supposedly so important? I don't recall any such name. Perhaps you are thinking of Took. And I can't find any examples either of names that are simply two or three letters of the alphabet spelled out phonetically. To make observations like Wilmer's is good, but they should be backed up by some specific examples. "I personally don't think Tolkien made too many references to his personal life and friends. It is quite a tendency to do so (I never write a story without using, names of friends...), but almost always it appears in the beginning writer. A polished professional, as Professor Tolkien obviously is, has usually outgrown such sophomoric pratices." END