Amon Lhaw: [Excerpts from letter sent to Shaw, discusses Tolkien naming conventions, as well as LoTR in film or paperback, reviews Tom Bombadil, with introduction and commentary from Greg Shaw]

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[page 4] As this is the first issue, I really haven't many comments for you readers to mull over, and no reactions at all. But here are a few comments from JAMES WRIGHT on a few subjects: "I like S & S names. Fafhrd is great, and it can be pronounced; it sounds Scandinavian. I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Try calling it "faf-herd". Frodo is one of the masterpeices @masterpieces@ of S&S naming. Tolkien has a mastery of the names department, and he has set the pattern for almost all the things after him. Names like Gimli for a dwarf, Gandalf, Sauron, Saruman, for sorcerors, Aragorn for a king, Legolas for an elf, Treebeard for an ent. Well, Tolkien has it in the names department." Well, this brings up the old question of the origin of Tolkien names. Treebeard, of course, was actually Fangorn, and I think it and entish were entirely original. Of the few sorcerors named (the three above and Radagast are the only one @ones@ I can think of off-hand), I can find only the origin of Gandalf.. Are Sauron and Saruman original with Tolkien? I always understood that "Fafhrd" was pronounced as if it were the past participle of the verb "to foffer" : "foffered." The thing I'm not sure of is how to pronounce his daddy's name: "Lee-ber" or is it "Lie-ber?" Here's James again: "There is no chance of there ever being a movie _Lord of the Rings_, just as there is no chance of LotR in paperback." Huh? Say that again! Does anyone out there have any ideas on the movie treatment of _Lord of the Rings_, if any? I've got some very pronounced ideas, but I'd like to hear what the other Tolkien fans think before I state them. Here's James once more, in leui @lieu@ of a review of TOM BOMBADIL: "I got Bombadil from John Boardman. Most of it is hobbitpoetry, which is a shame, as I don't particularly care for theirs. I much prefer dwarvish and man poetry. Did you notice the hint of a future volume in the series, though? In the flap, it says "A selection of these is now offered as an 'interim' report to those interested in Hobbit-lore..." This sounds like there may be more. Tolkien has published TREE AND LEAF which is about fantasy. The best poetry in BOMBADIL was near the end. ERRANTRY was good, and so was SHADOW BRIDE, THE HOARD, THE SEA BELL, and THE LAST SHIP. It's an excellent volume, with good illos."

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