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[page 9] LEFNUI--(Patten) I will new reveal the answer to one of the great mysteries of life. Namely, what the hell Lefnui is. Lefnui ia a river in Gondor. It's source is in the Ered Nimrais and it empties into the Bay of Belfalas. It is one of the six great rivers of Gondor. Actually, I'm surprised no one got it. After all, Tolkien is an English author. If _you_ don't know, then who should? I'm sorry to hear that your pipeline to Puffin has been cut. After all, that means you'll no longer be able to smuggle them on the sly to me either. I recognize the heading on your lettercol as Tengwar, but can't seem to decipher it, even using the index at the back of RotK. Oh, I don't know, the UNKOWN WORLDS comicbook and the other ACG mags aren't really too bad. Their main fault is the fact that they stick to the same six or seven plots for every two issues, but they do come up with some interesting stories. John Force, Magic Agent showed some promise, but they didn't exploit it to the fullest. I get the biggest kick out of the lettercol, where they publish all sorts of letters from college professors and whathave @what have@ you saying what good comics they publish. And detailed analysis of these same sickly seven plots yet! It beats the Superman lettercol, tho the latter is going to be very interesting to watch when the house of cards constructed by Mort Wesinger tumbles down.