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[page 8] cOMPArative reviews mailing comments OMP 41 OFF TRAILS--(Officialdom) Well, let's see who I know here. Hi, Fred, Bruce, Dick, Don, and Dave. I thought that there was a suggestion for limiting membership in here somewhere, but I guess I'll get to it in Ethel's own zine. SABOYARD--(Pelz) Interesting comments on fanzine binding. One of these days I think I'll bind a few apa mailings myself. The things are beginning to be a nuisance piled up in the closet. Funny, my top egoboo also comes from Fritz Leiber, though being an emerging neofanzine isn't as great as yours. I got a letter from him awhile back praising some of the articles I'd done for Excalibur. And after all, a pro is a pro. Your poetry here, together with the filk@ song section again (first time I saw it was in the June N'APA mlg) inspired me to attempt to add a few verses to The "Orc's Marching Song." Hope you'll consider them good enough to include in the final edition: (insert between v. 5&6) At the bridge to Dimrill Dale, Gandalf's face it grew quite pale, For the Balrog was a creature most unclean. Though the wizard died that night, he returned arrayed in white. And after that he really made the scene. (insert between v. 7&8) Through the dank foul air, in the heart of Shelob's lair, The brave Ring Bearer ventured on a hunch. But Gollum blew the gaff, in his threat a nasty laugh. He wanted Frodo for the monster's lunch. HAGGIS--(Peters) I was rather surprised to learn that Pregnancy can't be terminated in Britain if the mother's life or health is in danger. We have a law in the States which covers such exigencies. I'm not so sure that widespread legalized abortion would be such a good idea. For certain cases, maybe, but you don't want to encourage carelessness, do you? Contraceptives is are a much better answer. You seem to think that they wouldn't be sufficient, but if they were available on a much larger scale and instruction on their use was widespread I don't think there'd be any problem. Catholics and any other group opposed to them could simply not use them. Haggis was rather onesided this ish, no further comments sparked.

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