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[page 1] The Mathom Sun Finally!!!! Vol.I Forlith 17, S.R. 11257 Price?? How about 35¢??? (or) May 13, 1967 A.D. Ta Da Da D <text is corrupted for several letters> da Ta- PEACE This is the paper- The Mathom Sun. Let me explain it's history first. In the days when Gandalf (Charles Welsh or Durin-Gandalf now) was the head of the White Council which ruled the clud @club@ The Neo-Númenoreans, the paper was a very much talked about issue. Proposed by yours truly, (hee hee) it never did materialize from Virginia where D.G. (Durin-Gandalf) sent messages out like "The Mathom is comimng soon, I HOPE."... Well, the club split up, and the thing (you know, Aragorn) (of the Sons of the Neo-Númenoreans, hee hee) recieved a promonition from me to print a paper. He seccumbed @succumbed@ to my incessant clamouring and appointed to editor. (PDB-- his being editor is a HOT job!) I shipped a copy to Gondor (St. Louis) and recieved familliar reports until <a name is corrupted> (Good Buddy) told me someone had lest @lent?@ the copy. "Spe<several letters are corrupted>ggledumpht" says I. So now <corrupted name of a fanzine> 6 Brandybuck and I: Hildifons Took (alias Dale Barach & Lawrence Bryk) are publishing the long awaited M.S. Three CHEERS FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you. A fine bit of irony. You know this paper hasn't come out in secrecy. S.B. and I have been advertising in all our <word corrupted> with a phrase like this: "The Mathom Sun is coming soon, I hope." Ever hear it before. @?@ Sam's Gaffer sure gets around. The mathom son @sun@ A Monthly paper of the Neo-Númenoreans. Published by Dale Barich of 1450 Boston and Lawrence Bryk (pronounced <word corrupted>) of 2724 Bold<several letter corrupted>th of Dearborn, Michigan 4182. Cost.............75¢ in stamps (please send it to us here in dearborn @Dearborn@ where the expenses are). That should cover from now <word(s) corrupted, (until?)>. After that, we'll tally the costs and figure it out. Meanwhile: admire the art.