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[page 9] LETTERS. Since this is the first issue of Fathom, I haven't got anything to print here. But that won't stop me. I have dig into a drawer and found some old personal lettsrs. I am now going to print fragments from them. Caveat emptor. _Nate Bucklin_ P.O. Box 4 Dockton, Washington. .....There really aren't classes for some things, I'd like to have a school where there's a course called "Getting Along With People" ((Hgh -- ed.)) This class would be mostly for borderline anti-social cases, myself possibly included _anti_-social cases world need psychiatric help, social ones wculd need nothing.......... By the way: at James' ((_Wright_)) I set music to two of your poems: JOHNNY WAS A GYPSY or whatever and ANDAIR, GOD OF THE OPEN ROAD. ((_This news is staggering considering the poems_)) We were going to make a tape of ANDAIR and send it to you, but I contracted a cold and couldn't sing particularly well..........I also wrote tunes to six or seven Tolkien poems, and one of them - the last one in FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, I think: about Boromir the Brave or whatever - I thought about the best I'd done, also worthy of taping. ((_Nate goes on to ask if I have a tape recorder, which I do, but it is the wrong type. Anyone else interested in Tolkien poems set to music? I'd like to hear them, and also my own poetry for egotistical reasons.- But Nate is wrong: the Tolkien poem is the first one in "The Two Towers," not the last one in "The Fellowship of the Ring."_)) _JAMES WRIGHT_, 1605 Thayer, Richland, Washington. ((_Selected entirely at random. Hope it's clean_.)) Peter O'Toole is a brilliant actor, second only to Richard Burton. ((_First_.)) .......O'Toole appears in the forthcoming movie "Lord Jim". After LOA, he is getting around. But I prefer Burton. When Burton bursts out into formation. he is at his best, as you implied. I love his weak little smiles.....I go around unconsciously imitating him.... Burton is an interesting actor. My mom will not go to see any of his movies because "He is immoral" and all that kind of crap. She also will not admit Wilde was a great playwright, and will give no reason except he was a homosexual...... (( _Anyone else care to debate O'Tool vs. Burton, or enter your own favorite? My money in on O'Toole_......)) {Image: A line drawing of Charlie Brown holding a paper is to the right of the second LoC. The following caption is typed out under the artwork: "Happiness is a _friendly_ LoC......"} _DONALD L. MILLER_ 12315 Judson Road, Wheaton Md. I am interested in Chatarunga - the rules will be printed in a later Games Bureau rulesheet, and, if 4 interest persons can be found, we can have a match. In fact, 2 persons can play it, each person controlling two armies. I have never played this, either, ((_I was interested but never had had played_)), but I do beleive @believe@ it to be a very interesting game. ((_How about that? Anybody interested in Chataronga which I beleive @believe@ is the earliest form of chess? If so, write Don. His NSF Games Bureau is a worthwhile project_.))