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[page 19] _Joe Patrizio_ I enjoyed Doc Weir's article, but then I enjoy most anything written on the Books. There was more written in this piece on possible locations than I have seen elsewhere, but I'm afraid I haven't travelled enough to say much on this. I think Ted Johnstone also suggested Alec Guiness as Gandalf, and I think that he said that in his opinion no one else dould @could@ play the part. Another suggestion by Johnstone was that Danny Kaye acted Legolas, and the more I think of this bit of casting the more I like it. My own idea for Galadriel would be Moira Shearer, I can't think of anyone better for the part, and certainly not those suggested by Doc' Weir. No, I don't think that Galadriel would be the most difficult to cast, personally, I can't think of anyone to take the part of Frodo. Try as I might I can't think of an actor who is even physically suitable for the part, except perhaps Charley Drake (ouch). I'm going to stop this here or I may run into another dozen or so pages, in fact I don't know how Doc' Weir restrained himself to writing just three pages. [COMMENTARY from TRIODE 18, May 1960.]