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[page 1] _SPECTRUM_ {Title art: The title is spelled out by a series of broken parallel lines that make up the letters.} SPECTRUM/TWO January-February, 1963 Isaac Asimov THE HUGO WINNERS Edwin Balmer and Philip Wylie WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE Rosel George Brown A HANDFUL OF TIME John Brunner THE DREAMING EARTH Edgar Rice Burroughs THE MONSTER MEN John W. Campbell, Jr. ANALOG 1 Terry Carr WARLORD OF KOR Arthur C. Clarke TALES OF TEN WORLDS Joe Lee Davis JAMES BRANCH CABELL L. Sprague de Camp A GUN FOR DINOSAUR & LEST DARKNESS FALL Ghislain de Diesbach THE TOYS OF PRINCES Horace L. Gold BEYOND H. Rider Haggard CLEOPATRA Riley Hughes THE HILLS WERE LIARS Russell Kirk THE SURLY SULLEN BELL Kurtzman and Elder EXECUTIVE'S COMIC BOOK Ward Moore and Avram Davidson JOYLEG Andre Norton THE DEFIANT AGENTS H. Beam Piper JUNKYARD PLANET Frederik Pohl THE ABOMINABLE EARTHMAN AND SIX OTHER STORIES Fletcher Pratt ALIEN PLANET Sax Rehmer THE DRUMS OF FU MANCHU Robert Sheckley JOURNEY BEYOND TOMORROW Clifford D. Simak THEY WALKED LIKE MEN Cordwainer Smith YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME Evelyn E. Smith THE PERFECT PLANET Noel Streatfeild MAGIC AND THE MAGICIAN Robert Lewis Taylor ADRIFT IN A BONEYARD J. R. R, Tolkien THE ADVENTURES OF TOM BOMBADIL Jack Vance THE DRAGON - MASTERS, and THE FIVE GOLD BANDS "Vercors" SYLVA H. G. Wells TWO NOVELS Jack Williamson THE HUMANOIDS plus AN ADVANCE FORECAST OF CURRENT AND FORTHCOMING BOOKS and Letters