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[page 1] This is Perian #1, Purple Light Publication #8 from the typer of Jane Ellern, SAPSite, FAPAn, and Neffer. The last is due to an overpowering surge of fanac that has come on lately, and accordingly, I have dug out my NFFF blank and shipped it off to Janie Lamb, who lives in the wilds of Tennessee, or Missouri, or Pennsytucky or somesuch. Every fan should be a Neffer at least once. Just to show you how truly fannish I am, I cut my finger chopping cabbage for Bubble and Squeak last night, and instead of faking out as I deserved to do, being in dire straits as I am, I am Braving Ghreat Agony to bring you this issue of Perian, for which I _know_ you are all waiting. By way of explanation, Perian is a biapazine, which will be publiched from time to time when I am too lazy to do both PSILO and KARUNA. The name comes from Tolkien, and means halfling. Since this zine in half for SAPS and half for FAPA, I think it's appropriate. Looking over my list of contents for this thing, I find them on the whole, leaning toward the sercon. Does this mean you will take away my title of Kookiest Person in SAPS? No? O well, I tried.