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[page 22] Treasurer's Report @Bue@ to the pressures of outside obligations, Bill Ellern has turned over the job of Project Art Show Treasurer to me. Bill stepped into the gap in Pittsburgh, saving Bjo from drowning in a mass of math (she can't add her way out of a shopping list, like), and carried on with distinction. Thanks to his minute accuracy in keeping financial records, I've had no trouble balancing the Art Show accounts. I do feel that keeping track of bank charges on checks is a bit too much on the minute side, but it @_do_@ make for @a c c u r a t e@ records. Dating from publication of PAStell #1, in January, 1960, and up to date as of November 30, 1961, Project Art Show shows that it has... Taken in a grand total of: $249.09 And has spent at least: _$216.14_ Wich has left us with: $32.95 to spend on publication of art magazine, the show bulletins, for miscellaneous operating expenses, to buy the all important, last-minute materials we're bound to need at ChiCon, and like that. $32.95, that's not too much ... not by even a little bit. As a matter of fact, this issue will probably come close to cutting that figure by half. Figure three more of these, plus bulletins, plus stamps paper and envelopes for the extensive correspondence needed to set up Art Show # 3, and thirty-two dollars seems like very little indeed. The solution? There isn't any easy one; we need more subscribers to support this magazine and the bulletins @ $1.50 per year. And we need to take in a bit more at the Annual Art Show. This last can be done in either (or both) of two ways: a) Raise the PAS percentage realized from the sale of artwork to 20% or maybe even 25%, or b) Charge an entry fee. The latter seems more fair -- it doesn't place all the burden of support on the shoulders of the artists whose work sells, but spreads it more evenly on all the participants. Let's try it at ChiCon, huh? -----john trimble.