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[page 1] NAZGULS BANE 4 from;- K M P CHeslin, 18 NEW FARM ROAD SOTOURBRIDGE WORCS., ENGLAND. years end, 1963 4th AGE --------- My Lords, @Leigemen@, Knights and Freemen. Several of the fellows have made inquiry of me regarding the state of completion of the next I Palantir. I can not do better @that@ to quote to you the words writ unto me by the Sworded One from the Lands to the West. He saith thus;- .... And if they should enquire of you saying "Where is the I Palantir?" you shall speak unto them and say. "The Fellowship, is not dead .. yea verilly, in fact we expect to have the third I P @despatched@ in a short moon or so. Bruce de Pelz hath departed the place of production, and turned the whole thing over to me (hight Eorld Tedrick of Johns Stone), and, behold, there are 16 pages on stencil, with a @furthur@ 8 pages about to be cut. @Furthurmore@, we have a beautiful cover. The writings are wisefull and stirring to read. Say you unto those who murmur, "Be still, I pray you, the Eorld Tedrick sorrows deeply at the delay, have patience for a little while more" ......... Eorld Tedrick now resides at his castle, hight, 11173 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90025, USA. --------------------------- News too of the Great Work, but not @cherry@ news I fear me. Shire Reeve Fred ben Hunter, Lord of the Isles of Grass in the north of this realm hath news from the Company of Printers who issues the LORD OF THE RINGS. They saith thus;- ....... Behold! We converse inkilly with The Master Scribe, but to no avail. A typewritten draft we have had on the @SIMARILLION@ ... but not complete. We see no prospect of issuance this year. Scribe us a letter next All Souls, then we might have good words for thee .... Farewell .... .......... and now I must away and slay me a plaugey mountain troll for he ravages all Brum. Hight Theng Ken of the Middle Land.