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[page 2] TED JOHNSTONE....selected quotes from an April (arriving) letter, IP no. 2 should be out in the next month.... a good 10 or more page article by Marion Zimmer Bradley on the silmaril that Arwen Undomiel presented to Frodo after she and Aragorn were married.......a cover by George Barr illustrating the scene, and a song (by me) //Ted// and a set of music to one of the songs from the Books by Bruce. Ted then goes on to mention items slated for IP3, due around Seacon time, and give details of the "plot" of the MZB item.....details which I have @with held@ @deliberetly@ because you'll probably enjoy it the more without them whetting your er..(@wheres@ that darn dictionary?) ah!..appetite beforehand. I have lots of IP <word is illegible> left. If any subbers are STILL without a copy......a postcard will get you an IP by return post. Also...no Britisher, with the exception of the late Doc Weir, a darn good bloke if there ever was one, has as yet contributed to IP....Honour of the old school and all @that?.@ Anyway, it would be extremely satisfying to see another UK @contributer@. Non-subbers. As I've just said, I've plenty more IPs left...@nows@ your chance. I myself, @tho'@ admittedly biased like no.l. and consider that it would be of interest to all those of you who have read TLOTR and liked it. (@it@ came as a shock to me when I heard that some people @aveer@ that TLOTR was @boreing@, unreadable, "difficult" and so on. I just can't understand them). IP subbers again. Any of you object to having your names and adresses in N B 3?... @circulated@ to other IP subbers only. There is no particular reason for this except I @tho't@ that it might be of interest to IP subbers to see who they share their enthusiasm for Tolkien with. If @no-one@ says "no" by 10 days after this NB is datestamped, then I'll assume that you're agreeable.... probably you all are, but there's nothing like making sure... I'm a cautious lad sometimes... sometimes. So... @thats@ Nazguls Bane & for this time, remember about contributions eh?, see you, MORDOR IN '64! Ken, (The Black) Cheslin (thru' SKYRACK with the esteemed perimssion of Ron Bennett)