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[page 7] Enjoyed your article on fantasy-adventure far more than I usually enjoy this type of story, though with increased leisure time (spelled backwards that means I'm @enemployed@ right now) I've actually sat down to read _The Lord of the Rings_ bit (four books--this is a bit?) and find I enjoy it @summat@ more than the usual run of this sort of thing. Hal on organizations of clubs hits a good point but also probably a sore one with many clubac types (myself included) who remember with awe and dread the activities (wrong term but @wot@ the hell) of Good Old Orville Mosher -/-@whohe?@ Eney sayeth nought, aphabetically at least.-/- along this line some years back and the mess he made of it. The idea is good however, though where I get off talking about it I don't know. Though I have attended a goodly number of meetings I have yet to join either of the two local clubs. Certainly PSFS, LASFS, the Nameless Ones, the Mitkey Mice, the Futurians, the Elves, Gnomes, etc. and the English clubs [page 8] have great gulfs between them but could also certainly offer a lot to each other in exchanges of information. The bit on Tarzan is only one of the myriad bits of illogical nonsense Burroughs @coudn't@ really be expected to cover, cranking out books the way he did. Though come to think of it, why not? There have been greater hacks before and since and I never heard of Frederic Faust -/-Max Brand to the non-_afficianados-/- making such supreme booboos. Actually, a goodly number of words Burroughs uses are actually in use in various African tribes--the same holds true for Kipling's Jungle Book stuff --much of the verbiage and names are for real in India and are pertinent referentials. THE ELLINGTONS (Dick & Pat) 2162 Hillside Ave. Walnut Creek, Calif.