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[page 2] It is my wish to dedicate this publication to one of science fiction's immortals, the late Edward E. Smith, PhD. Fondly referred to as "Doc" Smith by his followers, he composed the "Lensman" and "Skylark" series of novels, now regarded as classics in the field. On an entirely different. level, I dedicate this publication also to my father, T.W. Cook, Sr/ who despite his general unconcern for literature, had the generosity and faith in his sun to make this paper possible by sacrificing his hard-earned money for its existence. A salute, then, from liberal arts to the common man. Greetings and felicitations, dear readers! Here you have before you the first issue of a new publication that is designed to bring you the best possible amateur writing available for your enjoyment. I might also add that this effort on our behalf is to increase among the great body of liberal arts - minded people for the sake of brotherhood and fellowship. Having explained the main purpose of _Triplanetary_, I wish to elaborate on why the paper is titled as it is. _Triplanetary_ is the title of the first book in the _Lensman_ series of science fiction novels written by "Doc" Smith. The Late E.E. Smith, PhD., was {Image: A shaded line drawing of a man dressed as an aviator fills the left half of the page. He stands with fists against his hips and a scowl on a face with strong features. The figure wears an aviator's jacket and headwear as well as aviator goggles. The style of the clothing suggests "Skylark" Smith, a character from E.E. Smith's Skylark novels, as discussed in the body text.} [page 3] the author who dominated my collection of books when I first began my library back in 1964. Mr. Smith is classed as one of science fiction's all the greats and represents the style of science fiction written on space travel during the l920's and 1930's. I believe you would find him well worth reading. As to what _Triplanetary_ stands for, it represents three planets from the worlds of three different authors. These three authors are C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and E.R. Eddison, One planet, Mercury, represents Mr. Eddison and his fantasy kingdoms such as Demonland, Witchland, and Zimiamvia. Another world, Venus, is one of the major spheres that concerns C.S. Lewis and his famour @famous@ space trilogy. Last, but hardly least, we come to John Tolkien's Middle Earth which is represented on our own terra firma. All together, these three giants of the literary world pose an extraordinary, say the least, combination that cannot be surmounted. -Brandoch Daha (T.W. Cook, Jr.) The editor has asked my @me@ to add a few words, and I gladly comply. Many of you will recall me as editor of the original _Minas Tirith Evening-Star_, which inspired the creation of _Triplanetary_. Like the Old MTES, _TRIPLANETARY_ asks that readers and other interested persons contribute in all ways they deem possible. We welcome all literature and art for publication, and ask that, although our magazine is free of charge, readers contribute financially as they are able - thus following the policy of MTES of old. However, unless contributions prove greater than anticipated, we must limit our volume at present, and will attempt to objectively screen excess literature and art for quality, style, significance, etc. No works will be discarded, and may appear in later issues. _Triplanetary_ has no plans for editorial stands on social issues, or political issues, and will refrain from dabbling those clubs which fall within the reading audience. _Triplanetary_ is in essence, MTES without politics. We hope you will enjoy this magazine. We have made every effort to present the highest possible quality under our limitations, as well as a cross-section of the work available. In my turn, I might dedicate our work to humanity. Thank you. -Philip Helms