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[page ?] <Ken Cheslin - letter> sheewsh..etc., @its@ been so long. I PALANTIR and all that...as far as I remember (curse, curse not having the sense to keep all corespondence @etc@) the US end of the @Tolkein@ society became erratic over a span of time and I'm not sure if it actually officially ended. Bruce Pelz,Ted Johnstone my grey cells bring in front of my eyes, but not sure why. Also COVENTRY, GIMBLE, hmm, and something else. @believe@ there were 3 IPs, and Nazguls Bane was one, two issues at the most, one sheet, two sides, sort of news..or lack of news letter for British members...who my brain but not my memory says were 14. @inc@ Archie Mercer, @tho@ recall no others at the moment,... (ENTMOOT, hmmm rings a bell but no memory.) IP and NB should be somewhere amongst the fanizines, the Spinges and Whatsits. I'm 99% certain that I gave you everything I had, but if I do come across more I'll pass it on. Opinion only but, in any sense of organisation at least, I dont think that there was anything in the way of a comics fandom in 1960. @but@ then, I would say that! @the@ @Tolkein@ society wasn't an offshoot either, as it consisted of fans who regarded JRR as, I think, a little something extra, a little area of interest IN ADDITTION to the then fandom, not an alternative or a replacement, substitute, @etc.,@ There were folk interested in comics, and films, but I think it is pretty safe to generalise that such folk regarded themselves as fans @primarilly@, who just happened to have a pet interest not so generally shared. POE, I 've done 6 mailings now. @its@ OK. but sometimes it seems a bit too