Confetti Our Readers on Parade: [Letter on Isaac Asimov's appearance at a convention, disagrees with Anna Sinclare's classification of LoTR as science fiction and discusses differences between that genre and fantasy]

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[page 19] _Dick Ellington, New York, N.Y.:_ Asimov is, of course, right. No one had to attend the banquet to hear him. We reserved Al Capp as the only speaker who would speak to banquet attendees alone. Hoped, of course, to draw more people to the banquet. @Shoulda@ saved our trouble--that is, we didn't draw more people @nohow@ and thereby lost $400-- ho-hum. In case you're wondering @tho@, we didn't pay for Al Capp's speaking. The nearest he came to getting paid was getting a free feed and drinks. Anna Sinclare has an interesting idea, but sorry to say I find her dry as dust in explaining it.

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